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Family Studies

On behalf of the Family Studies Program, it is my pleasure to welcome you to view our program website. We offer B.S. degrees in Family Studies and Human Development and Family Relations, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Family Studies. Our students, faculty members, and administrative staff come from diverse academic and personal backgrounds. We are committed to assisting our students to have excellent academic experiences and a supportive learning environment. The beautiful landscape of the Southwest also provides a myriad of opportunities to our students to enjoy. Please contact me or any of my esteemed colleagues if you need more information about our program.

Thank you.

Ziarat Hossain, Ph.D.,
Program Coordinator

Careers in Family Studies

With an interdisciplinary rigor, Family Studies majors learn about human development, interpersonal relations, family relations, human resource management, community resources, and diversity issues. Family Studies graduates are employed in child development and preschool teaching and administration, family and community services, parent-child education programs, healthcare and social service agencies, private businesses,government entities, and teaching and research endeavors. A career in teaching and research activities requires a graduate degree in the field.

Focus of the Program

Family Studies programs enhance individual and family strengths following interdisciplinary and ecological approaches. The programs are designed to prepare students for a variety of career options, where work is directed toward education, prevention, intervention, and research with individuals, families, and other professionals. Family Studies prepares professionals who will work in educational, social service and public policy environments to facilitate individual and family well-being. The scholarly work of the program faculty extends to the community through collaboration with families, schools, health and social services agencies, businesses, public policy agendas, and government entities. The program strives to be responsive to the evolving needs of external constituencies. Family Studies offers degree programs from the bachelor’s through the doctoral level that reflect the role of diverse families in New Mexico’s multicultural environment and in a global world. Throughout their evolution, programs have focused on learning across the developmental stages of the life-cycle — from conception to death. The interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary emphasis in Family Studies include knowledge in four domains: Family Life Education, Family Relations, Family Resource Management, and Human Development.

Family Studies Mission

Family Studies is an interdisciplinary field, exemplifying effective practice and scholarly inquiry that is sensitive and responsive to issues of cultural diversity. The mission of the Family Studies Program is to prepare students to work in areas that endeavor to enhance individual and family strengths. Strengthening families and their individual members facilitates the development of a life-long learning environment. Programs are designed to provide a solid foundation in human development, interpersonal relations, and family resource management that recognizes the dynamic interaction of theory, research and relevant practices.

Degree and Certificate Programs

Undergraduate Programs


Graduate Programs



  • Family Life Education
  • Family Relations
  • Human Development in Families


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