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Office of Academic Affairs & Faculty Development

Deb RifenbaryThe Office of Academic Affairs and Faculty development is aligned with the overall vision and mission of the College of Education. The office provides access to current policies and procedures that affect the academic life of both faculty and students. The ultimate aim of the office is to foster the development of highly skilled, well-rounded professional and respected scholars by promoting a collegial and professional atmosphere that focuses on individual and professional growth. The types of activities sponsored through this office include:

Faculty Development

  • Administering the new faculty mentor program
  • Facilitating the tenure and promotion process, including annual and post tenure reviews
  • Overseeing sabbatical requests
  • Assisting with opportunities for faculty development
  • One-on-one mentoring

Academic Affairs

  • Administering University and College policies and procedures related to graduate and undergraduate instruction within the College
  • Overseeing curriculum
  • Overseeing all activities related to graduate student success including graduate student welcome events, annual colloquium, advisement, and professional development activities
  • Serving on the Scholarship Committee and other student focused committees
  • Coordinating orientation for TA's and part-time instructors
  • Handling student grievances
  • Supporting the College of Education Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA)

Deborah Rifenbary, Ed.D

Signature - Rifenbary
Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs & Faculty Development

Dr. Deborah Rifenbary
505/277-8933 (phone)