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Office of Research & Community Engagement (ORCE)

The College of Education's Office of Research and Community Engagement (ORCE) is responsible for facilitating and fostering a dynamic research climate within the college community. Our goal is to provide a supportive and responsive research environment that fosters the development and success of our faculty and students and helps them realize their individual and collective research goals. We are responsible for the design and management of critical information needed for planning, management, and decision-making throughout the College.

The types of support that are provided to College faculty in the furtherance of their research include:

  • Research Development Support services focused on concept development consultation and ideation at the initial stages of project development, including facilitating liaisons with partners and funders, as well as strategic planning for upcoming funding opportunities.
  • Proposal Support services, including budget development, design and consultation, negotiating with external and internal partners, subcontract development, electronic submission support, and troubleshooting.
  • Post Award Support services, including continuation requests, budget management, human resources issues, and budget and project closeout procedures.

We are dedicated to the dynamic and timely support of College of Education faculty. We recognize the need for research evidence of educational practices in response to increasing demands on educational systems. Quality research illuminates an oftentimes complex and confusing world by creating the context for positive changes in practice and learning environments.