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Advisement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I have an “Advisement Hold” on my account from the College of Education?

The College of Education places a hold on all students every semester. This is because we would like to make sure that you are on the right path to meet your educational goals.

To get the hold removed you can schedule an appointment at Schedule an Advising Appointment or you can email for more information.

How many credit hours is full time?

Full time for Fall and Spring is 12 credit hours, for summer it is 6 hours.

What is a degree summary and who do I see to get this completed?

A degree summary shows what courses you need to take to complete a certificate/degree. The summary will also show the requirements that have been completed and those that have yet to be completed.

To have a degree summary completed you will need to see an advisor from the college from which your degree will be granted.

What is a Lobo Trax degree audit?

A Lobo Trax degree audit is a report that will show what courses you need to take towards the completion of a degree. It also will show which courses have been transferred from another institution.

What does it mean when I receive an error message during registration stating “Instructor Permission Required”?

During registration, if you receive an “Instructor Permission Required” error message you must email the instructor to find out the reason why.

What does it mean when I receive an error message during registration stating “Advisor Permission Required” or “Department Permission Required”?

If you receive either of the error please contact and Advisor to see what the error is caused by. You can email them at or call 505-277-3190. If you would like to meet with an advisor in person regarding the permissions you can set an appointment up at Schedule an Advising Appointment.

How can I set up an appointment with a College of Education Undergraduate Advisor?

To set up and appointment you will need to go to Schedule an Advising Appointment you can set up an appointment with any of our advisors for a time that works for you and them.

Where can I pick up an Undergraduate College of Education Application?

The advisement office which is part of the Center for Student Success is in Travelstead Hall. The front desk is where you can get an application packet. You can call 505-277-3190 for directions.

What are the application deadline dates?

Elementary Education-

  • September 1st
  • February 1st

Secondary Education-

  • February 1st (2012- March 1st)

Early Childhood

  • October 1st
  • March 1st
  • July 1st

All Other Programs are ongoing.

What if I have not taken the Basic Skills Exam and want to apply?

Though the Basic Skills Exam Scores are required for the application packet, there is one way that you can be admitted pending the final scores. This is by including a copy/proof of your registration for the Basic Skills Exam. The Registration will be a spot filler for the Scores in the Application Packet.

If your application is approved, you will be admitted Pending the Results of the Basic Skills Exam of which you registered for.

This is only true for Elementary and Secondary Education; other programs require the final scores to be included and will not accept just the registration.