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COE Advisement Schedule

All students receive an Advisement Hold on their account every semester. In order for the hold to be removed during your appointment you must being a tentative schedule for the next semester.


When first admitted to the University, you will meet with an academic advisor to register for classes. During both semesters of your freshman year, you must complete Freshman Advising Online and meet with your academic advisor to have your advising hold removed before you register for classes. We realize that incoming freshmen are inundated with information during freshman orientation, therefore, we feel it is vitally important for you to receive further advisement after you have been enrolled your first semester. You will learn about curriculum requirements, and many other topics of great importance to you.


Once you become a sophomore you are still required to meet with an academic advisor in order remove your hold and be able to register for classes. Please go to to schedule with an advisor. Near the end of your sophomore year, you should develop a plan for completing your major courses. Some courses are only offered once a year, and some courses have prerequisites which must be completed before progressing into the next course. It is very important that you plan accordingly in order to properly plan your graduation date.


Once you complete approximately 70 hours of coursework, your academic advisor will make sure that you have applied to your program or will create a plan with you on applying to your program within the College of Education. This plan will outline all of your remaining requirements in order to graduate.


Two semesters before you plan to graduate is the time to apply for graduation. You need to go to meet with your Faculty or Academic Advisor to complete a Graduation Check. Your Graduation Check allows your Faculty or Academic Advisor to verify your requirements and place you on the tentative graduation list. Students applying for graduation should make sure all their demographic information is updated in LoboWeb.

Freshmen Checklist

  • Take a career assessment to develop a better understanding of your skills, interests, values and personality in relation to your potential career field with Career Services
  • Set a goal to achieve a 3.0 each semester.
  • Evaluate what you are learning in your classes, what skills you are developing and what classes you enjoy the most
  • Connect with professors and advisors.
  • Explore organizations on campus.
  • Examine your extracurricular activities. Think about why you enjoy particular hobbies, volunteer work or sports.