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Freshmen Advisement

The purpose of this site is to assist all College of Education (COE) freshmen in the academic advising process and to provide you with the necessary information to develop and implement an individual plan of study for achieving your educational goals.

Start Freshmen Pre-Advisement (20–25 minutes online).

After attending a Freshman Advising Session and getting your schedule approved, your advising hold will be removed so you can register for courses when Freshman registration begins.

Freshman Checklist         

  • Take a career assessment to develop a better understanding of your skills, interests, values and personality in relation to your potential career field with Career Services
  • Set a goal to achieve a 3.0 each semester.
  • Evaluate what you are learning in your classes, what skills you are developing and what classes you enjoy the most
  • Connect with professors and advisors.
  • Explore organizations on campus.
  • Examine your extracurricular activities. Think about why you enjoy particular hobbies, volunteer work or sports.