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Microsoft Excel Tutorials

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet that can organize your data into rows and columns. Using a spreadsheet to combine charts and tables allows you to present and analyze data in a different format from Word and PowerPoint. Excel calculates mathematical functions that can be scenario based or used to manage grades. The text and video tutorials offer basic instruction in how to use Excel.

Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2007

  • Workspace: PDF
  • Functions and Formulas: PDF
  • Charts: PDF
  • PivotCharts: PDF
  • Tables: PDF
  • Merge Cells: PDF | Demo Video
  • Hide or Display Rows and Columns: PDF
  • Create or Delete a Macro: PDF
  • Edit a Macro: PDF
  • Run a Macro: PDF
  • Copy a Macro Module to another Workbook: PDF

Resources for Excel