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Core Values

Core ValuesAdvocacy: In response to evidence of educational, social and political inequities, we promote activism to advance change.

Building Professional Identities: We support the development of individuals as life-long learners and effective professionals who are grounded in their own identities.

Collaboration and Relationships: We engage in authentic, active participation with all community members to develop solutions for the individual, local and global challenges we face.

Dignity: We treat all people ethically, with respect and afford them the dignity that is their innate right.

Diversity and Social Justice: We are dedicated to the analysis of social structures and power relations that hinder equal access for all, especially historically underrepresented populations, and to the educational and political work that addresses these inequalities.

New Mexico: The peoples, cultures, histories and communities of New Mexico enrich our work. This sense of place influences all that we do.

Scholarship and Research: We challenge ourselves to engage in scholarship and research that enrich the human experience, inform educational policy and practice, and address the needs of a complex, diverse world.

Teaching and Learning: Teaching and learning are central to our work. We study, question, debate and revise these dynamic and robust areas of investigation in order to improve our practice.

Adopted April 27, 2010