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Tireman Library

stack of books

1. Where are the Tireman Library books? Were they all transferred to Zimmerman Library?

When Tireman Library closed in 2010, some of its collections were transferred to Zimmerman Library. University Libraries (UL) received children’s literature in the following categories: Easy Readers, Biographies, Children’s and Young Adult Fiction and Nonfiction, and Spanish language materials. These books are now shelved in the Children’s Literature Collection on the third floor of Zimmerman Library and in the Center for Southwest Research.

Textbooks and all associated curricular materials, including kits and workbooks, remain at the College of Education in the Curriculum Review Area, in theUniversity Advisement & Enrichment Center Building, Room B80.

2. As a graduate of the College of Education, I was able to check out books from Tireman even though I was no longer a student. Will this privilege be continued by the University Libraries?

Yes. Anyone may purchase a Community Borrower’s Cards (CBC), good for one year, at the Circulation Desk for $35.00. Alumni Association members with proper authorization confirmation from the UNM Alumni Office receive a $10.00 discount. With this card you may borrow from any UNM Albuquerque campus library.

3. I would like to browse the Tireman collection. How can I search for Tireman titles?

The books from Tireman Library are now part of Zimmerman Library’s significant collection of children’s and young adult literature, shelved in the Children’s Literature area on the third floor of Zimmerman Library.

  • Children’s and Young Adult fiction books are located in the PZ 7 section.
  • Non-fiction is shelved in the same area by LC call number.

These books are all available for checkout. They are searchable in LIBROS, the library’s catalog. To search the catalog for books from Tireman Library, enter “Tireman” in the KEYWORD field. If you need help, you may ask at the Zimmerman Information Desk on the first floor or call 277-9100.

4. I have books checked out from Tireman Library. Can I renew them by phone or online?

No. Books checked out from Tireman Library may not be renewed over the telephone or online. If you are a current student and would like to renew, please bring the books to Zimmerman Library Circulation Desk where they will be barcoded and checked out to you.

If you are not a UNM student and have Tireman materials you would like to renew, there are two options:

  • Bring them to Zimmerman Library and purchase a Community Borrower’s Card (CBC). The books can then be barcoded and checked out to you. You may also use the CBC card to check out other books.
  • If you do not wish to purchase a CBC Card, please return Tireman Library books to Zimmerman Library so they can be cataloged and added to the collection.

5. Can I return Tireman Library books to Zimmerman Library?

Yes, please return any materials checked out from Tireman Library to Zimmerman Library.

6. Who can I talk to about the books that the University Library didn’t get from Tireman Library?

You may visit the Curriculum Review Area.

7. Where can I go now to find textbooks and related materials up for state adoption?

You may schedule an appointment at the Curriculum Review Area or check for other locations on the New Mexico Region Review Centers for Instructional Materials website.

8. Where can I get help with questions about children’s literature?

If you need help researching or finding children’s literature, visit the library’s Children’s Literature Research Guide, or contact a librarian at 277-9100.