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Scholarships: Sowing the Seeds of Success

The benefits of a scholarship impact a student’s academic and personal life beyond the necessary and appreciated financial assistance. A generous investment in a student’s education creates a foundation for their confidence, skill development and future accomplishments. Giving back to our communities is a common goal for these featured scholarship recipients.

Abdelbaset Haridy

“The focus of my intended dissertation topic is on immigrant and refugee student learning English as a Second Language. I hope to use the knowledge I have gained at UNM to improve their lives. I am honored to have received a fellowship; it motivates me to do the challenging work necessary to complete my degree. I look forward to being able to give back to the community as a teacher, researcher, and a future donor.”

–Abdelbaset Haridy: PhD Program, Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies

Edria Mitchem

“My decision to stay at UNM hinged on the reputation, faculty and classes within the program that encompass so many different aspects of sport, including athletic development, sociology, management and psychology. I have an interest in studies relating to athletes’ well-being, and my passion is working with minority athletes. I believe my research will benefit athletes, their teams and the communities where they reside in positive and productive ways.”

–Edria Mitchem: Master’s Program, Sport Administration

Stephanie Gomez

“Throughout my college career, I have worked part-time jobs in order to continue pursuing my education. In addition, I have taken a full load of classes and student teaching. Receiving a scholarship helps me stay motivated to continue, and finish my schooling. I’ve decided to become a teacher because I find this career to be a noble profession and one that makes a difference in students’ lives.”

–Stephanie Gomez: Undergraduate Senior, Elementary Education

Ivonne Orozco Acosta

“I am the first in my family to go to college, and I am grateful for all the doors that education has opened for me. I was twelve when my family immigrated to the United States from Mexico. In a small central New Mexico town I learned English as a Second Language. My teachers showed me the impact that one person can have in someone’s life. Throughout my university studies, my professors at the College of Education have helped guide me to become the teacher that I am today.”

–Ivonne Orozco Acosta: Master’s Program, Secondary Education

Kristina Velasquez

“The nearest emergency room and grocery store that sells fresh fruits and vegetables is a 45-minute drive from my family’s small New Mexico town. Food deserts and minimal health care services contribute to poorer health in smaller communities. I aspire to enter the dietetic profession because access to nutritious foods, and the knowledge to make nutritious choices, should not be a luxury. It should be a standard that is culturally appropriate, culturally accepted and financially feasible. In my professional life, helping to influence lifestyle changes for the betterment of our communities is an exciting prospect.

–Kristina Velasquez: Master’s Program, Nutrition and Dietetics

Diego Garcia

“I grew up as a first generation immigrant, and as a Spanish speaking student, I experienced the challenges of learning a new language in a new country. As a bilingual teacher I will be able to provide culturally appropriate lesson plans, and help others work through their challenges and accomplish their goals. Receiving a scholarship is an honor, and an opportunity to continue with my commitment to my education, and my work in my community.”

–Diego Garcia: Master’s Program, Elementary Education


  • Contribute any amount to the College’s General Scholarship Fund
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  • Provide a scholarship gift to the College through your will or trust.

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