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First scholar chosen for Ambassador Jaramillo scholarship

The financial burden of graduate school can be immense. Fortunately, the Ambassador Mari-Luci Jaramillo Endowed Scholarship was established to financially support doctoral students who are outstanding scholars and leaders dedicated to educational and social issues faced by Hispanic/Latino communities. 

Gabino Noriega

Gabino Noriega awarded inaugural scholarship.

Gabino Noriega, an Albuquerque native and student in the COE’s Department of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership, and Policy, was selected as the endowment’s first “scholar” because he demonstrated a passion to support the unique needs of the Latino community in education. His focus of study is on educational opportunities for students of color, the student voice, and socioeconomic desegregation. 

In addition to his doctoral studies, Noriega works with students from a lower socioeconomic high school as the activities director. Noriega administers STEM-focused extracurricular activities and provides students with opportunities to help their community. 

In his heartfelt letter of gratitude to Dr. Mari-Luci Jaramillo, Noriega wrote, “Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.” 

The first Latina to serve as a U.S. ambassador, Dr. Jaramillo grew up in extreme poverty in Las Vegas, New Mexico. With support from friends and family, she focused her career on helping children and families in poverty through education, policy, leadership, and diplomacy. 

Ambassador Mari-Luci Jaramillo

Donors established the Ambassador Mari-Luci Jaramillo Endowment for Ph.D. students.

“Jaramillo scholars helping one another will continue for a long time. I am so proud and thankful that I have such kind and thoughtful friends who are helping all they can for the Jaramillo scholarship.”

–Ambassador Mari-Luci Jaramillo

Who Are Our graduate Students?

  • 71% female
  • Average age is 37
  • 47% minority
  • Average unmet need is $2,400 per year