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Clinic Director Assisted With Ebola Crisis

Dr. George “Chip” Hunter, Director of the Manzanita Counseling Clinic on campus, spent his semester break between Fall and Spring semesters working at a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Foya, Liberia, addressing the Ebola situation. Professor Hunter is a faculty member in the College of Education’s Counselor Education Program. In Liberia, Dr. Hunter was responsible for training counselors and providing mental health care to Ebola patients and their families. He also trained and worked closely with a number of community health educators and other outreach workers in the Foya region.

During a previous deployment with Doctors Without Borders, he served as Mental Health Coordinator in the town of Dourouma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Albuquerque, in addition to teaching students in the Counselor Education Program, Dr. Hunter is the Director of the Manzanita Counseling Center, the only free counseling clinic in Albuquerque. The Center has been in existence for over 25 years and typically provides more than 2000 hours of counseling to the community annually.

Chip Hunter

Professor Hunter (on right) with a nurse in the Ministry of Health hospital in Dourouma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, during a deployment with Doctors Without Borders. Hunter served as Mental Health Coordinator at the site of both a Lords Resistance Army massacre and a Sleeping Sickness epidemic.