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Family Development Program

Asking a fundamental question every day… How are the children?

The Family Development Program is an outreach and public service program of the College of Education. For 30 years, it has provided the highest quality early learning training to child care workers, teachers and parents throughout the State of New Mexico.  It currently cannot meet the need in the state due to funding cuts.

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The Program helps child care workers, teachers and parents understand how children learn early literacy, math, science, music and art through play. Gift from caring donors to the program directly supports those who care for young children.

Family Development Program Girls

The Program is partially supported by the State of New Mexico, but has faced a 40% cut over the past five years. Gifts to the Program from generous individuals and foundations have made up some of the shortfall.

The Program serves 10 - 12 statewide community partners each year, traveling directly to their locations throughout New Mexico. The Program co-designs workshops to address specific training priorities set by partners, engaging close to 2,000 early childhood professionals and parents in yearlong training.

85% of teachers in New Mexico child care facilities do not hold a bachelor’s degree. The Program provides the highest quality training on the science of early learning to help these teachers nurture children and support their natural curiosity. Gifts from compassionate donors help children arrive at kindergarten ready to learn.

“I wish you were still coming to us. We miss you. I still use everything you taught us and the materials you shared.”

Lourdes from Chaparral, Pre-K Teacher

Gifts from Caring Donors Help the Program

Focus on the importance of early learning to help others make the same commitment to early childhood development.

Help educators and families understand better how children learn

Promote the nurturing of children’s healthy development and extraordinary learning potential

Lead groups of collaborators that make sound investments in early childhood

Increase the capacity of communities throughout New Mexico to support young children and their families and their care givers

Build bridges of knowledge and innovation to attain a shared vision for our children together. 

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