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Physical Education Faculty

Program Coordinator

Associate Professor

Office: Johnson Center Room 126
Telephone: 505-277-5248

Education: Ph.D., Physical Education, Sports and Exercise Science, University of New Mexico
Research Interests: Assessment, Data-driven decision making
Courses: Teaching Team Sports, Organization and Administration of Physical Education

Biographical Information: My interest in Physical Education dates as far back as elementary school where I found movement activities and aspects of kinesiology very interesting. After high school, I decided to pursue a career in Physical Education by obtaining a bachelors degree at the University of Northern Colorado. When I obtained my teaching license, I taught for three years at the middle school level in California where I witnessed the utilization of inappropriate and ineffective practices by many physical education programs in the state. Upon further research, I realized there were many physical education programs across the country that incorporated similar inappropriate practice, which I found was directly related to the often disenfranchised feelings from the public about physical education. I decided I wanted to make a difference in the development of future physical education teachers and the practices they employed, which led me to the pursuit and attainment of my masters and doctoral degrees in the area of physical education. My current goals are to further encourage the shift of paradigm in physical education to assure appropriate and effective practice and theory are utilized in physical education. Furthermore, I hope to add to the literature base of teacher socialization and secondary physical education by conducting my own research on pre-service and first year physical education teachers.


Associate Professor
Associate Dean for Assessment, Accountability & Accreditation

Office:  COE Admin Building 352 
Telephone:  505-277-0835 

  Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado
Research Interests:  Developing effective and qualified physical educators through pre-service preparation and in-service induction mentoring.
Courses:  PEP 227, PEP 319, PEP 572

Biographical Information:  Gloria Napper-Owen was in the sixth grade when she decided that she wanted to teach physical education. She was the only recipient of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness award in her elementary school when she made this decision. During her high school years, she spent many hours participating in girls’ high school sports and being a leader in physical education classes. She received her bachelor's degree in Physical Education Teacher Education from the University of Northern Colorado and then taught elementary physical education in Greeley, Colorado. She earned her masters degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Colorado-Boulder and was an adjunct professor at Metropolitan State College in Denver until she returned to the University of Northern Colorado to pursue her doctoral degree in Physical Education Pedagogy. Prior to joining the faculty at the University of New Mexico in 1995, Dr. Napper-Owen was on the faculty at Wichita State University for three years. Dr. Napper-Owen has held leadership positions within the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance; the National Association for Kinesiology and Physical Education in Higher Education; the Southwest District Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance; and New Mexico Association for HPERD. She is a co-author of the text Classroom Teachers as Movement Educators, and she has authored numerous articles within scholarly publications. Dr. Napper-Owen's hobbies include her physical activity pursuits of walking, swimming, weight-lifting, and camping and canoeing with her husband. Her personal 'outside the office' passion is training her three Belgian Tervuren in their performance activities of conformation, agility, obedience, and tracking.


Assistant Professor

Office:  Johnson Center 162D
Telephone:  505-277-8176

Education: Ph.D., Physical Education, Sports & Exercise Science, University of New Mexico
Research Interests:
Anti-fat Bias in Physical Education, Adapted Physical Education
Courses: Adapted Physical Education, PEP 245, PEP 529

Biographical Information: I am a physical educator! I knew very early in my life that I wanted to become a physical educator and when I realized there was a job that combined my love of being active and being in the outdoors with helping others it became my goal to become a physical educator and coach. After graduating from St. Mary’s College of California, I began teaching high school physical education, coaching volleyball and basketball and contributing as an athletic trainer. I feel fortunate to have valuable teaching experience working with many diverse types of learners including students with special needs, cultural and language differences, and children of poverty. My teaching experiences include a small private school, a large multi-cultural high school in central California as well as teaching and coaching at the community college and university level.  I have worked for Special Olympics in the state of Washington coordinating inclusive programs for school districts and private sector programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities. In addition, my professional experiences include being the president/CPO of the Boys and Girls Club of Farmington, NM.

I am very passionate about physical education teacher education and adapted physical education. My goals are the training of pre-service physical educators and activity professionals to provide positive experiences for all types of diverse learners in physical education thus helping them to become successful lifelong movers.


Lecturer II

Office:  Johnson Center 162A

Education: MS, Physical Education, Sport Administration, University of New Mexico
Courses: PEP 208, PEP 293, PEP 301, PEP 400, PEP 430, PEP 461

Biographical Information: My passion has always been physical activity and sports. I had ice skates before I could walk, and I cross-country skied shortly after; I was constantly moving. Since my early childhood days, physical activity has been an integral part of my life. I developed a love of teaching when I was a graduate student and teaching assistant at UNM, and saw how I was helping to change my students’ lives. They were becoming healthier and happier because I was teaching them the importance of physical activity and showing them how they could make it an enjoyable part of their lives. That’s when I knew Physical Education was the career for me. After graduating with my Masters in 2005, I started my first job teaching physical education at Del Norte High School. I then went on to teach at Cibola High School and Volcano Vista High School, where I helped to develop the curriculum for the Aerobics and Yoga classes I taught. Every day was rewarding; I was touching the lives of so many students and watching them grow both in and out of the classroom. I know I can always improve my skills as a teacher, so I decided to work towards becoming a National Board Certified Teacher, which I achieved in 2012. One of my goals has always been to spread my passion for physical activity. After teaching in the public schools for nine years, I knew I would be able touch even more lives than I already had by teaching at the college level. I am dedicated to using my experiences, knowledge, and passion for physical education to teach teacher candidates how to provide quality physical education to all types of learners and encourage those learners to enjoy being lifelong movers.