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Master's Degree in Professional Tennis Management

The USTA accredited Professional Tennis Management Master’s degree at the University of New Mexico will offer students a direct pathway to a successful career in tennis management.

The program curriculum was developed in collaboration with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and will prepare graduates for club and facility management, all levels of coaching opportunities, retail and all business areas associated with the tennis industry. These business skills translate to other areas of business as well.

The University of New Mexico is a pioneer with one of the first Master’s degree in Professional Tennis Management and Sports Administration. The tennis industry is on the rise and there has been a 100% job placement rate for PTM students at other universities offering an undergraduate degree.

At The University of New Mexico, the combination of a Sports Administration master’s degree in conjunction with a Professional Tennis Management degree would allow graduating students a leg up in the tennis industry.

McKinnon Family Tennis Stadium

McKinnon Family Tennis Stadium.

Experiential Learning + Internship Opportunities

Each student is required to fulfill a 300 hour internship or experiential learning. At UNM we are excited to partner with the UNM Athletic department and the nationally recognized varsity tennis teams and state-of- the-art tennis facilities. In addition, PTM students from across the country will also have the opportunity to apply to the USTA paid internship program at the new USTA National Campus (Home of American Tennis) in Orlando, FL.

The experiential learning experience will further develop your skills through real life experiences.

Adjunct Faculty includes:

Professional Tennis Management Faculty, Bob Scott

Bob Scott

UNM Linda Estes Tennis Center Director of Tennis

Professional Tennis Management Faculty, Alan Dils

Alan Dils

Former UNM Men's Tennis Coach

Apply to this program

Students wanting to apply to the Professional Tennis Management Master's degree should apply to the MS in Physical Education program.

During that application process, you'll be able to opt into Professional Tennis Management.


Current Curriculum Requirements in Place

  • PEP 507 Research Design
  • PEP 540 Sport Sociology
  • PEP 541 Ethics in Sport and Fitness
  • PEP 545 Sport Leadership
  • PEP 547 Sport Marketing and Promotion
  • PEP 548 Financing Sport
  • PEP 561 Risk Management in Sport
  • PEP 566 Legal Aspect of Sport
  • PEP 582 Principles of Coaching
  • PEP 696 Internship* (18 credit hours with a minimum 3.0 GPA must be completed prior to starting PEP 696 Internship)
    • Tennis Specific: Coaching, event management, facility application, equipment application, Club and retail management etc.

Additional Requirements

  • PEP 593 Professional Tennis Management Operations
    • Event Administration
      • Tournaments
      • Adult and Youth Camps
    • Facility Management
      • Court Maintenance
      • Managing risk in Tennis facilities o Memberships
      • Marketing
      • Communication strategies
    • Teaching
      • Group Instruction
      • Private Lessons
    • Equipment Management
      • Technology use
      • Racquet Care
    • Daily Operations
      • Consumer Behavior
      • Scheduling
      • Staffing
      • Pro-shop
  • PEP 593 Administration and Applied Organizational Theory in Profession Tennis Management
    • Business Management/Finances
    • Club Management
    • Pro Shop Management
    • Organizational Design and structure
    • Human Resources
    • Managerial Functions and Roles
    • Director of Tennis Functions/Roles


Q: How do I apply to the PTM program?

  • Click the link in the above “apply to this program” section.
  • This will redirect you to the “MS in Physical Education” page
  • Click the link in step 3 of the Entrance Requirements section
  • Click the “Albuquerque Campus Applications” tab 
  • Click the “Graduate Application” button
  • Select the “Create Account” option and fill out the online form

Q: When does the program start?

The first class will begin August, 2018

Q: What are the costs associated with this degree?

Click HERE for the 2018 Tuition and Fees

Q: What careers will a degree in Sports Administration and Professional Tennis Management prepare a graduate for?

  • Tennis Director at a club, resort, or public facility.
  • Head or Associate Professional Teaching Positions
  • Executive Director or Administrator for a Community Tennis Association or National Sport Governing Body
  • Collegiate or High School Coaching
  • Club, resort, or retail shop owner and/or manager
  • Many other tennis and sport administration careers

Q: How can I learn more information?

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