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Nutrition, Undergraduate Minor

Application Deadlines

September 15 at 5pm
March 15 at 5pm

Minor Code: NUTR

Department: Individual, Family & Community Education
Program: Nutrition and Dietetics


The minor in nutrition will complement major study in basic natural sciences such as biology, chemistry, and biochemistry, as well as social sciences such as anthropology, sociology, psychology, and human geography. The minor in nutrition will also be of interest to students in pre-medical and pre-dental curricula; to students of health promotion and physical education; to students in the allied health professionals; and to students in general family studies; and in child development and family relations.

A minor in nutrition consists of Nutr 244, 344, 345 and 424, plus a minimum of nine (9) hours selected from the following: Nutr 320, 330L, 406, 445, 427/428. Grades of C or better are required in all NUTRITION courses used to meet the nutrition minor requirement. The sequence of courses for the minor has a minimum prerequisite of Chem 212 Intergraded (Chem 212 or 301), and a course in anatomy and physiology.

Program Information