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Elementary Education with a focus on Reflective Practice (MARP), M.A.

Application Deadlines

Summer/Fall Semesters: Admissions Review is on-going. Preferred deadline is May 1.
Spring Semester: September 1

Degree Program: Elementary Education
Degree: M.A. Elementary Education, Licensed Teachers
Program Code: MA-ELED

Department: Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy
Program: Elementary Education

Apply to a Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy Department Degree Program

All MA admission application materials should be submitted by interested applicants online at

Please see the Specific Application Instructions under Forms and Resources for additional information.

Program Information

The Master of Arts Degree with a major in Elementary or Secondary Education with a focus on Reflective Practice (MARP) is an alternative cohort to the traditional Master of Arts program. The cohort experience is taught by faculty who collaborate to promote an integrated program for a dynamic learning experience.

Reflective practice is the focus of this cohort. Teachers in this cohort narrate, document, analyze, and reflect on teaching and its connection to student learning. The K–12 classroom serves as the laboratory for learning about teaching. Preference will be given to PK-12 practitioners who are currently classroom teachers.

Typical Course Schedule

Fall I
EDUC 568: The Art of Masterful Teaching (3)
EDUC 500: Research Applications to Education (3)
EDUC 516: Integrating Curriculum in the Classroom (1)

Spring I
EDUC 513: Process of Reflection and Inquiry (3)
EDUC 516: Integrating Curriculum in the Classroom (4)

Summer I
EDUC 502: Advanced Instructional Strategies (3)
EDUC 542: Principles of Curriculum Development (3)
EDUC 552: Social Justice in Education (3)

Fall II
EDUC 520: Effective Teaching and Student Learning (3)
EDUC 516: Integrating Curriculum in the Classroom (3)

Spring II
EDUC 590: Seminar (3)
Examination and Graduation

(#) = credit hours per course

32 total credit hours

UNM Graduate Student Benefits

  • Access to all UNM Libraries including Zimmerman Library, and all online data bases
  • Free admission to all UNM athletic events, if enrolled in 6 or more graduate hours
  • Free access to all exercise and wellness facilities at Johnson Center

Program Overview

  • Classes begin in the Fall Semester of each year and, generally, classes meet every Thursday in the late afternoon (after school hours) and summer.
  • Students typically complete the Master’s Degree in 5 semesters.
  • You have the opportunity to focus on your experience and skills as a teacher and learner.
  • You will be participating in courses organized around themes and taught by a team of faculty.