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COE Faculty Committees

Standing Committees

Ad Hoc Committees

Standing Committees

Diversity Council

The college has committed to a focus on diversity in its teaching practices, and all courses evidence information and activities that engage the culturally- and linguistically-different students that comprise the state’s population.  The faculty are aided in this effort by the COE Diversity committee which is responsible for the identification, analysis, and integration of new practices and information to all faculty and candidates in the college.

Diversity is the multiplicity of people, cultures, and ideas that contribute to the richness and quality of life. Diversity includes: race, ethnicity, social class, national origin, language, exceptionality, religion/spirituality, age, sexual orientation and gender/gender identity. Values,  philosophies, ideas, and world views that individuals and groups possess are integral parts of this conceptualization. Diversity embodies inclusiveness, mutual respect, and multiple perspectives. This view of diversity encourages the free exchange of ideas, while honoring the maintenance of individual identity and the integrity of culturally centered knowledge.

2017–2018 Membership Roster

Loretta SernaSPCD2014-2017
Magdalena AvilaHESS2015-2018
Matthew Lemberger-TrueloveIFCE2015-2018
Rebecca Blum-MartinezLLSS2016-2019
Shawn SecateroTEELP2015-2018
Vacant due to resignationAt-Large2015-2018
Katy Crawford-GarrettAt-Large2016-2019
Kris GoodrichAt-Large2015-2018
Laura HanifordAt-Large2016-2019

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Faculty Governance Committee

2017–2018 Membership Roster

Julia Scherba de ValenzuelaSPCD2014-2017
Jan ArmstrongIFCE2015-2018
Penny PenceLLSS2014-2017
Laura HanifordTEELP2015-2018
Cathy QiAt-large2016-2019
Robin MinthornAt-large2014-2017
Karla KingsleyAt-large2016-2019
Kris GoodrichAt-large2015-2018

Graduate Committee

2017-2018 Membership Roster

Yen PhamSPCD2015-2018
Luke MaoHESS2015-2018
Ryan KellyIFCE2016-2019
Lois MeyerLLSS2015-2018
Deborah Roberts-HarrisTEELP2016-2019
Cheryl TorrezAt-large2016-2019
Lee Van HornAt-large2016-2019
Karla KingsleyAt-large2014-2017
Penny PenceAt-large2014-2017

Promotion & Tenure Committee

Chair: Lani Gunawardena
Members: Jonathan Brinkerhoff, TE (2008-2011); Sylvia Celedón-Pattichis, LLSS (2008-2011); Lani Gunawardena, ELOL (2007-2010); Richard Kitchen, SPCD (2007-2010); Donna Lockner, IFCE (2008-2011); Pam Olson, IFCE (2009-2012); Tom Seidler, HESS (2008-2011).

Undergraduate Committee

2017-2018 Membership Roster

Liz KeefeSPCD2014-2017
Lorenda BeloneHESS2014-2017
Martin JonesIFCE2015-2018
Yoo Kyung SungLLSS2015-2018
Marjori KrebsTEELP2014-2017
Erin JarryAt-large2016-2019
Holly KowalskiAt-large2016-2019
Deborah Roberts-HarrisAt-large2016-2019
Bee ChamcharatsriAt-large2016-2019

Ad Hoc Committees

Overhead Funds Allocation Committee

Overhead Funds Allocation Committee (OFAC) awards are for small-scale seed research, as well as for travel to disseminate research at professional forums. Depending on the availability of funds, each year the committee sends out an RFP to all faculty members to facilitate research activity and travel to disseminate research at professional meetings. All full-time faculty members are eligible and encouraged to apply for these funds. Faculty members who are junior in rank, untenured, and who have published/presented or obtained external funds as a result of prior OFAC-sponsored research are especially encouraged to apply. For details, contact Dr. Zia Hossain at (277-4162) or any of the committee members.

Chair: Zia Hossain, IFCE
Members: Zia Hossain, IFCE; Fengfeng Ke, OLIT; Lois Meyer, LLSS; Christina Perry, HESS; Cathy Qi, SPCD; Cheryl Torrez, TE.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee exists to provide support to students in their studies through means that are equitable, fair, and transparent. Thus the committee makes all policy and procedural decisions regarding awarding scholarships in the college. The committee is the primary source of support to students, the faculty, and to the COE Development Office on scholarship matters.

Chair: Erin Jarry, Special Education
Members: Deborah Cohen, IFCE; Alfredo Martinez, HESS; Marjori Krebs, TEELP; Christine Sims, LLSS; Erin Jarry, Special Education