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COE Faculty Committees

Standing Committees

Standing Committees

Diversity Council

The college has committed to a focus on diversity in its teaching practices, and all courses evidence information and activities that engage the culturally- and linguistically-different students that comprise the state’s population.  The faculty are aided in this effort by the COE Diversity committee which is responsible for the identification, analysis, and integration of new practices and information to all faculty and candidates in the college.

Diversity is the multiplicity of people, cultures, and ideas that contribute to the richness and quality of life. Diversity includes: race, ethnicity, social class, national origin, language, exceptionality, religion/spirituality, age, sexual orientation and gender/gender identity. Values,  philosophies, ideas, and world views that individuals and groups possess are integral parts of this conceptualization. Diversity embodies inclusiveness, mutual respect, and multiple perspectives. This view of diversity encourages the free exchange of ideas, while honoring the maintenance of individual identity and the integrity of culturally centered knowledge.

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Cathy QiSPCD2017-2020
Dice ShibataHESS2018-2021
Tom ChavezIFCE2018-2021
Rebecca Blum-MartinezLLSS2016-2019
Mia Sosa-ProvencioTEELP2018-2021
Bee ChamcharatsriAt-Large2018-2021
Katy Crawford-Garrett +At-Large2016-2019
Shawn SecateroAt-Large2018-2021
David LardierAt-Large2018-2021
S. Hector OchoaEx OfficioN/A

Faculty Governance Committee

Alison ZagonaSPCD2018-2021
Luke MaoHESS2016-2019
Deborah CohenIFCE2018-2021
Bee ChamcharatsriLLSS2017-2020
Katy Crawford-GarrettTEELP2018-2021
Cathy QiAt-large2016-2019
Ann GibsonAt-large2017-2020
Karla Kingsley +At-large2016-2019
Glenn HushmannAt-large2018-2021
S. Hector OchoaEx OfficioN/A

Graduate Committee

Yen PhamSPCD2018-2021
John Barnes +HESS2018-2021
Deborah CohenIFCE2016-2019
Rick MeyerLLSS2018-2021
Russ RomansTEELP2018-2019*
Cheryl TorrezAt-large2016-2019
Lorenda BeloneAt-large2016-2019
Christine MermierAt-large2017-2020
David AtencioAt-large2017-2020
Deborah RifenbaryEx OfficioN/A

Undergraduate Committee

Clare StottSPCD2017-2020
Fabiano AmorimHESS2017-2020
Martin JonesIFCE2018-2021
Ashley DallacquaLLSS2018-2021
Rebecca SanchezTEELP2017-2020
Erin JarryAt-large2016-2019
Holly KowalskiAt-large2016-2019
Karen GaudreaultAt-large2018-2021
Bee Chamcharatsri +At-large2016-2019
Anne MadsenEx OfficioN/A

CCRCE Advisory Committee

Cathy QiSPCD2018-2019**
Chris SimsLLSS2018-2019**
Lee Van HornIFCE2018-2019**
Rebecca SánchezTEELP2018-2019**
Micah ZuhlHESS2018-2019**
Susan CopelandAt-large2018-2019**
Carlos LópezLeivaAt-large2018-2019**
Kathryn CoakleyAt-large2018-2019**
Sheri WilliamsAt-large2018-2019**
Christina Perry (Dept Chair)At-large2018-2019**
Lois Vermilya (Category 2 Center)At-large2018-2019**
Rachel Vigil (School Districts)Ex OfficioN/A
Sylvia Celedón-Pattichis (CCRCE Dir) +Ex OfficioN/A

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee exists to provide support to students in their studies through means that are equitable, fair, and transparent. Thus the committee makes all policy and procedural decisions regarding awarding scholarships in the college. The committee is the primary source of support to students, the faculty, and to the COE Development Office on scholarship matters.

Deborah CohenIFCE2017-2018**
Erin Jarry +SPCD2017-2018**
Marjori KrebsTEELP2017-2018**
Alfredo MartinezHESS2017-2018**
Christine SimsLLSS2017-2018**
Sheri WilliamsAt-Large2017-2018**
Mia Sosa-ProvencioAt-Large2017-2018**
Clare StottAt-Large2017-2018**
Micah ZuhlAt-Large2017-2018**
Deborah RiffenbaryEx OfficioN/A

College Assessment Review Committee (CARC)

Sara NottinghamHESS2018-2019
Alison ZagonaSPCD2018-2019
Mary RiceLLSS2018-2019
Jean KeimIFCE2018-2019
Sheri WilliamsTEELP2018-2019
Gloria Napper-Owen +Ex OfficioN/A

**New Committee, need to establish stagered terms

+ Indicates Chair

* completing last year of 3-year appointment vacancy