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Partnerships & Outreach

Community/University Partnerships

Comadre a Comadre

Affiliation: Department of Health, Exercise and Sports Science
Director:Dr. Elba L. Saavedra (
Local Telephone: 505/242-1222
Toll-Free Telephone: 877/725-7770
Address: 1909 Lomas NW, Historic Old Town, Albuquerque, NM 87104

The Comadre a Comadre Program is a peer led and community-based program designed to improve the breast health and breast cancer outcomes among Hispanic/Latina women. The program provides free education, resources, and support to women and their loved ones. Specific objectives of the program include: 1) increase education and awareness of screening, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer so that women can make informed decisions, 2) increase support for women facing a diagnosis of breast cancer, 3) increase knowledge of community resources for those women experiencing a diagnosis of breast cancer, 4) increase the awareness on the importance of early detection of breast cancer, and 4) increase awareness about low-cost or free mammograms services for those women in need of a mammogram.

Family Development Program

Affiliation: COE Administration
Director:Lois Vermilya, 505/277-6943 (
Program Coordinator:Monique Chavez, 505/277-5800 (
Manager:Teresa Sierra, 505/277-8510 ( - For Administrative Inquiries
Fax: 505/277-6282
Hours: 8-5, M-F
Location: Student Services Center, Room B-25

Mission: Early childhood education through strong partnerships between families and teachers so that children thrive.

Statewide Professional Development: The Family Development Program provides research-based professional development workshops throughout New Mexico and disseminates educational materials relevant to children's early education, growth, and development. Our training incorporates current research on the critical importance of early learning, including brain development for how young children learn best. A year-long training program is co-designed with community partners to meet the professional development needs of educators, staff, and parents through specially tailored training sessions that are offered in participants own communities. Our distinct professional development approach matches national recommendations for best practices for training teachers and parents to respond effectively to young children's earliest delight in learning. The Family Development Program demonstrates how real partnership that combines the strengths of parents, teachers, and their community supported by university resources make a difference for young children. “When as educators we expect to make profound changes in our students' lives. we haven’t the right to begin without their parents at our side.” - Dr. Maria Chavez, Founder

Institute for American Indian Education (IAIE)

Affiliation: COE Department of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
Program Manager:Jay Ruybalid, 505/277-1907, Hokona 292,
Telephone: 505/277-7781
Location: Hokona Hall, Room 250

The Institute for American Indian Education, IAIE, was created in response to New Mexico’s overwhelming need to improve American Indian student retention and achievement in schools. Since its inception in 2003, more than 80 American Indian students have graduated or are on track to graduate with degrees in education. We have a 90% retention rate and 67% graduation rate for our students. Additionally, the UNM College of Education American Indian/First Nations faculty, which is the largest group of American Indian/First Nations faculty at any College of Education in the country, conduct outreach, workshops, and seminars in the area of curriculum development, preparation for teacher licensure tests, American Indian charter school development, and American Indian language revitalization and instructional planning.

IAIE’s partnerships include government, state, private and tribal organizations across the Southwest and the country. IAIEs partners work together to extend educational services to New Mexico American Indian students and communities.

Education/Professional Partnerships

Institute for Professional Development

Affiliation: Department of Teacher Education
Director:Smith Frederick (
Office Administrator:Tammy Cline, 505/277-0911 (
Telephone: 505/277-1999
Fax: 505/277-2395
Hours: 8-5, M-F
Location: Travelstead Hall

The mission of the Institute for Professional Development is to advocate professional development models for educators that will give them the knowledge, skills and identities to strengthen and support the learning of all students in New Mexico. For more information, go to

New Mexico Coalition of School Administrators

Affiliation: COE Administration
Executive Director:Tom Sullivan (
Office Administrator:Carol Wood (
Communication and Leadership Dev. Coordinator:Dr. Gloria O. Rendon (
Telephone: 505/277-6986
Fax: 505/277-5496
Hours: 8-5, M-F
Location: Manzanita Hall, Room 120B

NMCSA is an association that represents school administrators in New Mexico. The governing board has representatives from 10 affiliates, six administrative units, and the Public Education Department. Overall there are approximately 1,500 individual members of NMCSA. Representatives attend meetings of legislative interim committees and agency meetings affecting education. NMCSA represents administrators during the entire legislative session. NMCSA conducts seminars, conferences, and provides professional development in concert with other educational entities. We also provide mentoring and networking opportunities for our members.