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Department of Individual, Family, & Community Education

Jay Parkes, Ph.D Interim Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of Individual, Family and Community Education!

The richness of New Mexico is mirrored and many of its needs addressed through the diversity of the graduates, students, faculty and programs of the Department of Individual, Family and Community Education (IFCE). And what we study, learn and teach here travels the globe.

Our more than 400 students working towards Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees study alongside a distinguished faculty, active in grant-funded research, experts in teaching, contributors to their communities, and leaders in their disciplines. The five programs of IFCE — Counselor Education, Educational Psychology, Early Childhood Multicultural Education, Family and Child Studies, and Nutrition — represent unique domains of expertise while sharing common values for human development, the importance of diversity, and excellence in scholarship and teaching.

Whether you hope to be a student in one of our programs, or to collaborate with us in our work, or to find answers to current questions or perspectives on current issues, please take some time to explore each of the IFCE programs on these pages. Let us know how we can help!

Jay Parkes, Ph.D
Department Chair

Counselor Education, students learning in classroom

Counselor Education

The nationally accredited Counselor Education Program trains informed, innovative counselors who are skilled at helping diverse populations.

Educational Psychology, man looking at the puzzle piece between thumb and forefinger

Educational Psychology

The Educational Psychology Program offers exceptional instruction in applying psychological theory and research in a variety of educational settings.

Family Studies Program, mother, father, little girl, and toddler boy

Family and Child Studies

The Family and Child Studies Program trains students to apply science and interpersonal skills to promote family and individual well-being.

Nutrition and Dietetics Program, fork with lettuce, yellow bell pepper and cherry tomato on it

Nutrition and Dietetics

The Nutrition/Dietetics Program offers comprehensive coursework in the science of nourishing the body and the relationship between people and food science.