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Family and Child Studies, M.A.

Degree Program: Family and Child Studies
Degree: M.A.
Department: Individual, Family, and Community Education
Program: Family and Child Studies


  • Family Life Education
  • Human Development and Family Relations
  • Early Childhood Studies

Description: The Master’s Degree in Family and Child Studies may be pursued in one of the three following concentrations: Family Life Education, Human Development and Family Relations and Early Childhood Studies. Students completing the Master’s Degree in Family Life Education will be eligible to apply for the Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) certificate from the National Council on Family Relations. The program offers flexibility in developing programs of study that meet students’ interests. Acceptance into the program is based on ratings of several factors including scholarship, academic background (especially in the social/behavioral sciences), work experience, letters of recommendation, a personal statement and multicultural experience. Students from academic backgrounds other than family and child studies are strongly encouraged to apply. The Master’s degree in Family and Child Studies consists of 33 semester hours.

Family and Child Studies Graduate Program Information

Family and Child Studies M.A. Graduates: Where are they now?

"I’m Melanie Maestas and I graduated May 2017 with my Masters in Family Life Education. I am currently a Case Manager with Giving Home Health Care. At my current job I take care of the elderly community. I travel to see my patients up north and west which I love. I coordinate care with multiple parties so patients can receive the proper diagnoses, support in the home and draft and send letters and plans of care to ensure patients receive the correct care. Supervise nurses and home health aides in the homes, process monthly notes and other documentation in order to satisfy internal procedures. Visit patient homes monthly and provide medical equipment to ensure their safety in the home. Create a support system for patients by training nurses, staffing homes, and coordinating with doctors to obtain prescriptions needed in the home. Provide emotional and spiritual support to patients in their dying stages. Provide training to team members to help facilitate care."

Jun Dai graduated with her Master’s degree in December, 2017. Currently she works as a Family Intervention Specialist, Developmental Specialist with PB&J Family Services. "I am passionate about helping others and making the world as a big family. Now I am working at PB&J gaining experience in family intervention, human development, and early childhood development. What I learned in FCS program guides me to help families to grow and develop their full potential within a supportive community."

Graduate Program Coordinator

Ryan Kelly, PhD 
Associate Professor of Family and Child Studies 
(505) 277-3960