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Family Studies, M.A.

For academic year 2016/17 (Please check back regarding upcoming changes to the graduate programs)

Degree Program: Family Studies
Degree: M.A.
Department: Individual, Family, and Community Education
Program: Family Studies


  • Family Life Education
  • Family Relations
  • Human Development in Families

Description: The Master’s in Family Studies may be pursued in one of the three following concentrations: Family Life Education, Family Relations, and Human Development in Families. Students completing the Master’s Degree in Family Life Education will be eligible to apply for the Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) certificate from the National Council on Family Relations. (Instructions and more information may be obtained in Simpson Hall.) The Master’s in Family Studies offers flexibility in developing a program of studies to meet the interests of the student. Applicants are expected to have completed 18 hours of social and/or behavioral science courses (e.g., anthropology, family studies, psychology, sociology) prior to admission. Acceptance into the Master’s program is based upon ratings of several factors, including scholarship, academic background (especially in the social/behavioral sciences), work experience, letters of recommendation, a personal statement and multicultural experience. Prospective students must first apply for admission to the Office of Graduate Studies. The requirements for the Master’s degree in Family Studies consist of 42 semester hours.

Graduate Program Coordinator

David Atencio, PhD.
Associate Professor 277-3757