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Nutrition and Dietetics Faculty

Jean Cerami
Principal Lecturer
Program Coordinator

Office Location: Hokona Hall 154
Telephone: 505-277-0937
Education: M.S. in Nutrition, University of New Mexico
Professional Certification: R.D., L.D.


  • Nutr 244: Human Nutrition
  • Nutr 427: Medical Nutrition Therapy I
  • Nutr 428: Medical Nutrition Therapy II Graduate
  • Nutr 528: Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Nutr 595: Advance Field Experience

Katie Coakley, Ph.D. R.D.
Assistant Professor

Office Location: Hokona Hall Room 157
Phone: 505-277-5566
Education: Ph.D. in Nutrition and Health Sciences, Emory University
Professional Certification: R.D., L.D.

Research Interests:

  • Community-based participatory research (ABQ-Fresh Project) providing nutrition education and resources to low-income community members through the Downtown Growers’ Market, a popular farmers' market in Downtown Albuquerque
  • Prevention of obesity and cardiometabolic risk factors in patients with inborn errors of metabolism (IEM) through dietary management and lifestyle interventions
  • Improving dietetics and nutrition education through active learning and innovative classroom strategies


  • NUTR 320: Methods in Nutrition Education
  • NUTR 321: Management in Dietetics

Deborah Cohen
Associate Professor
DPD Director
Graduate Program Coordinator

Office Location: Hokona Hall 155
Telephone: 505-277-6430
Education: D.C.N., Rutgers University
Professional Certification: R.D.

Research interests:

  • Development of an electronic diet intake and physical activity tool for children
  • Relationship of diet, genetics and biomarkers on the development of Pediatric Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
  • Healthy Hospital Initiative


  • NUTR 493 Nutritional Assessment


  • NUTR 593 Topics: Methods in Nutrition Research
  • PHR 798/NUTR 591/NUTR 391 Interprofessional Geriatric Assessment
  • NUTR 593 Topics: Complementary and Alternative Therapies
  • NUTR 526 Nutritional Assessment

Curriculum Vitae

Peter Pribis
Assistant Professor

Office location: Hokona Hall 156
Telephone: 505-277-5566
Education: Dr.P.H. in Nutrition and Epidemiology, 1996
Professional Certification: R.D.

Research Interest:

  • Effect of lifestyle on health and disease:
  • Relationship between lifestyle quality and academic achievement.
  • Relationship between fast food consumption in children and adolescent on academic achievement.

Nutritional neuroscience:

  • Long- and short-term effects of nut consumption on sleep, mood and other cognitive processes.
  • Effects of plant proteins (soy, nuts) on health and cognition


  • NUTR 320 Methods in Nutrition Education
  • NUTR 322 Management in Dietetics II
  • NUTR 330 Principles of Food Science 
  • NUTR 344 Energy Nutrients in Human Nutrition


  • NUTR 593 Advanced Current Topics in Public Health and Community Nutrition.

 Curriculum Vitae

Diana Gonzales-Pacheco
Assistant Professor
Assistant Program Director, Dietetic Internship

Office Location: Hokona Hall 152
Telephone: 505-277-8185
Education: DCN, Rutgers University
Professional Certification: R.D., L.D.

Research interests:

  • Relationship of medical nutrition therapy and adverse fetal and maternal outcomes in pregnant women with increased risk for gestational diabetes
  • Impact of the Registered Dietitian on pregnant women meeting IOM pregnancy weight gain recommendations.
  • Comparative methodology in assessing body composition in normal and overweight adolescents and adults.


  • Nutr 244: Human Nutrition
  • NUTR 345 Vitamins and Minerals in Human Nutrition
  • Nutr 424: Nutrition Through The Life Cycle


  • NUTR 593 Topics: Maternal and Child Nutrition

Curriculum Vitae