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Language, Literacy, & Sociocultural Studies Faculty & Staff

LLSS Faculty

Associate Professor, Educational Thought and Sociocultural Studies
Program Coordinator, Educational Thought & Sociocultural Studies

Office: Hokona Hall 153
Telephone: 505-277-7247
Education: Ph.D., UCLA
Background: Secondary science teacher.
Research Interests: Sociology of education; critical studies of whiteness; critical race theory; and critical pedagogy.
Scholarship Interests: Theoretical aspects of these areas, most specifically on the racial politics of critical educational and social thought.
Courses: Whiteness Seminar; Critical Race Theory; Seminar in Educational Studies; Paulo Freire; and Philosophy of Education.

Assistant Professor, Bilingual/TESOL

Office: Hokona Hall 245
Telephone: 505-277-2345
Education: Ph.D., Composition and TESOL, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Background: Taught English Language in High School in Bangkok, Thailand, for four years; Taught Listening and Speaking, Research Writing, and Arts of presentation at Bangkok University for three Years before coming to attend the graduate school in the U.S.
Research Interests: Emotions, Second Language Writing, Composition Studies, Adult ESL Learners, Teacher Training, Identity Construction, Literacy, and World English’s
Courses: Identity Construction of Adult ESL Learners Pedagogy in Teaching Adult ESL Learners

Professor, Bilingual/ESL

Director, Latin American Programs in Education (LAPE)

Office: Hokona Hall 248
Telephone: 505-277-4972
Education: Ph.D., University of California Berkeley
Background: ESL/Bilingual teacher in New Mexico and Mexico.
Research Interests: Bilingualism; second language acquisition; language maintenance and use in immigrant and indigenous communities.
Courses: ESL Methods; Research Issues in Bilingual Classrooms & Communities; 1st & 2nd Language Development; La Ensenanza de la Lectoescritura; Naturalistic Inquiry; Dual Language Immersion Programs.


Professor, American Indian Education
Director of Native American Studies

Office: Mesa Vista Hall 3080
Telephone: 505-277-3917
Education: Ph.D., International College Los Angeles
Background: Secondary and adult education; social science education.
Research Interests: Indigenous science/culturally based curricula; arts in education; multicultural environmental education; creative teaching/learning; transformational education.
Courses: Environmental Science for the Elementary Teacher; Science in Native American Education; Art in Native American Education; Educational Foundations of Native American Studies; Teaching the Native American Child; American Indian Leadership Studies and the Building of Native Nations; The Culturally-Based Curriculum; Theoretical Models of Curriculum for Community and Environmental Renewal; The Pedagogy of Native American Games.

Professor, Bilingual/ESL

Office: Hokona Hall 232
Telephone: 505-277-2536
Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Background: Curriculum and instruction (bilingual and mathematics education)
Research Interests: Linguistic and cultural influences on the teaching and learning of mathematics by second language learners and/or minority student populations; a recent interest involves the study of my daughter's language acquisition of Spanish, Greek, and English.
Courses: Seminar in the Education of the Bilingual Student; Supervision of Student Teachers; History and Theory of Bilingual Education; Teaching Issues in Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies; Language, Culture, and Mathematics; Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School; Master's Seminar in LLSS (CIMTE 590).

Assistant Professor, Literacy and Language Arts

Office: Hokona Hall 209
Telephone: 505-277-9610
Education: PhPh.D., Adolescent, Post-Secondary, and Community Literacies
Background: I taught fifth grade for seven years; I also earned a Masters in Drama, Language Arts, Literacy, and Reading.
Research Interests: My research focuses around multimodal and multimedia literacies, specifically in, but not limited to an academic setting. I am particularly interested in literacies and literacy as a social practices and what those practices afford readers and their learning environments. My work also considers how to support teachers striving towards new ways of operating with literacy, taking into account the arts, drama, and visual culture. Much of my research has been focused on the medium of graphic novels.
Courses: Children’s Literature, Adolescent Literature, Literacy Across the Content Areas

Associate Professor, Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies; Bilingual/ESL

Office: Hokona Hall 292
Telephone: 505-277-7260
Education: Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago
Background: TESOL, elementary, and secondary school teacher in Guatemala; ESL instructor, math club coordinator, and research fellow at the Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinas/os (CEMELA) in Chicago.
Research Interests: Social construction of culturally and linguistically diverse learners; dis/ability construction and positioning; social dimension of teaching, learning, and doing mathematics in different environments; critical pedagogy; identity development of Latinas/os and/or Hispanics as bilingual speakers and as doers of mathematics; mathematization processes; and practitioner and participatory action research.
Courses: Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Elementary School; Integrating Mathematics, Science, & ESL; Education Across Cultures of the Southwest; Curriculum Development in Multicultural Education; The Teaching of Reading in the Bilingual Classroom (La Enseñanza de la Lectura).

Professor, Bilingual/ESL
Program Coordinator, Bilingual/ESL
Program Coordinator, Educational Linguistics

Office: Hokona Hall 212
Telephone: 505-277-5887
Education: Ph.D., University of New Mexico
Background: Taught high school in inner city schools in Los Angeles for five years before coming to UNM.
Research Interests: ESL literacy and language acquisition; Vygotskian theory; professional development for practicing teachers.
Courses: Second Language Literacy; Teaching English as a Second Language; Literacy Across Cultures; Educating Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students; Vygotsky Seminar.

Associate Professor, Educational Thought and Sociocultural Studies
Associate Dean for Educator Preparation & Development

Office: Hokona Hall 206
Telephone: 505-277-6047
Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Background: Rio Grande High School social studies teacher; former director and instructor of Native American Studies at UNM; curriculum writer.
Research Interests: Critical educational studies; historical literacy; Indigenous studies.
Courses: Sociocultural Foundations of Education; Sociology of Education; History of Education; Native American Studies; Secondary Social Studies Methods; School and Society; Comparative Education.

Professor, Bilingual/ESL

Office: Hokona Hall 267
Telephone: 505-277-7244
Education: Ph.D., Applied Linguistics, UCLA
Background: ESL/Bilingual teacher, program coordinator, and curriculum specialist in California and Mexico; professor of elementary education, San Francisco State University.
Research Interests: Second language acquisition; bilingualism and bilingual education; teacher preparation and curriculum development for linguistically and culturally diverse classrooms; language policy in Mexico and the U.S.; the ethnography of indigenous bilingual education in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Courses: ESL Methods; History and Theory of Bilingual Education; Curriculum Development for Multicultural Education; Seminar in Issues of Language and Literacy.

Regents' Professor, Professor, Literacy and Language Arts

Office: Hokona Hall 256
Telephone: 505-277-6376
Education: Ph.D., University of Arizona
Background: Reading; taught primary grades for 16 years; grades 4-6 and high school teaching experience (Upward Bound Program).
Research Interests: Emerging literacy, school-based inquiry; teacher study groups; written language; intertextuality; politics of teaching and learning.
Courses: Family Literacy; Reading Seminar; Written Language Development; Critical Literacy; High Desert Writing Project director/instructor for coursework.

Associate Professor, Educational Thought and Sociocultural Studies
Program Coordinator, Educational Thought

Office: Hokona Hall 210
Telephone: 505-277-5221
Education: Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University, Anthropology and Linguistics
Background: Elementary classroom teacher; ethnographer.
Research Interests: Qualitative and ethnographic research; education of African American children in school and non-school community settings; teaching and learning practices in the African American community.
Courses: Introduction to Qualitative Research Mehods; Advanced Qualitative Research Methods; Education and Arican American Children; Education and Anthropology; Ethnography; Discourse Analysis.

Assistant Professor, Literacy

Office: Hokona Hall 222  
Telephone: 505-277-0807
Education: Ph.D., Curriculum & Teaching, University of Kansas
Background: Junior high teacher—taught English language arts, reading support, and ESL classes; Taught or supervised preservice teachers in district-sponsored migrant summer school program for grades K-12; Trained adjuncts and staff developers to teach ESL endorsement classes; Research associate at the Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities.
Research Interests: Pedagogies for developing online and digital literacies; Teacher understandings of policy as literacy; Teacher thinking about literacies of diverse learners; Assessment of literacy and evaluation of texts; Rhetoric and composition. 
Courses: Teaching of Writing, Studies in Rhetoric for Teachers, Reading Process

Associate Professor, Educational Linguistics/American Indian Education

Office: Hokona Hall 216
Telephone: 505-277-3175
Education: Ph.D., University of California Berkeley
Background: Joint appointment with LLSS and Linguistics.
Research Interests: Keresan languages; language policy and planning; language pedagogy.
Courses: Issues in Language Literacy Sociocultural Studies; Curriculum Development Native American communities; Language & Education in SW Native American Communities.

Associate Professor, Literacy and Language Arts
Program Coordinator, Literacy and Language Arts

Office: Hokona Hall 208
Telephone: 505-277-1411
Education: Ph.D., University of Arizona
Background: Early childhood educator; children's literature and media specialist.
Research Interests: Politics in children's literature; cultural studies; immigration literature and young readers; ideology and identity in language studies; postcolonial studies and children’s literature; translation studies and international children’s literature.
Courses: Children’s Literature; Seminar in Children’s Literature.

Professor, Educational Thought & Sociocultural Studies

Office: Hokona Hall 203
Telephone: 505-277-0094
Education: Ph.D., University of Utah
Background: Adult ESL instructor and elementary bilingual teacher in Los Angeles inner city schools.
Research Interests:Global South, transmigrant, and transnational issues of Latin American immigrants; Latinx education in the U.S.; decolonial feminist epistemologies and pedagogies.
Courses:Decolonial Thinking; Feminist Epistemologies and Pedagogies; Education and Gender Equity; Globalization and Education; Introduction to Qualitative Research; Advanced Qualitative Research; Dissertation Seminar

Assistant Professor, American Indian Education

Office: Hokona Hall 201
Telephone: 505-277-1832
Education: Ph.D., University of New Mexico
Background: Elementary & Secondary education Teacher, Navajo Language Teacher, Language & Cultural Resource teacher, Native American Studies, Native American History and Navajo Curriculum Writer/Developer, Native Language assessment development, and Navajo and Indigenous Education.
Research Interests: Dine Education, Dine Language, Indigenous Pedagogy, Critical Indigenous Theory, Indigenous Language revitalization, Indigenous Research, Critical Race Theory, Critical Pedagogy, Multicultural Education, decolonization, and Transformative educational Models.
Courses: Issues in American Indian Education, History of American Indian Education, Education Across Cultures of the Southwest, Topics in Navajo Bilingual Education Curriculum development, and Teaching the Native American Child.

Department Administrator

Office: Hokona Hall 144A

Coordinator of Education Support, Master's and TESOL Certificate Programs

Office:Hokona Hall 142

Coordinator of Education Support, Ph.D. Programs and Educational Linguistics

Office: Hokona Hall 140
Telephone: 505-277-0437