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Personal Learning Sessions for Students

Personal Learning Sessions all semester long at the College of Education Center for Student Success. 

There are no sessions currently scheduled. We will update this page and make an announcement when the next round is scheduled.


Dealing with Homesickness/Holiday Depression

The Center for Student Success is bringing in Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) to help you with feelings of homesickness and holiday depression that is all too common to our out of state and beginning students.


Would you like to feel more confident and perform better on your next test? The CAPS Learning Strategies team can help! They can guide you through how to budget your time leading up to test day, and how to get the most out of lectures, homework, and studying. For the day of the test, they will help you identify key words in questions and directions, and practice outlining written responses for every subject (including math, science, and social sciences).

Make a Difference Become a Teacher at Santa Fe Public Schools (SFPS)

DISCOVER an Exciting Environment where you are empowered to impact young lives. DISCOVER a supportive community of fellow teacher, parents and students. DISCOVER the different you can make in students’ lives.

Resume & Cover Letter

Resumes and cover letters are key to the job hunt. We are bringing in Career Services to give a presentation and answers to questions on the key points of creating a Resume and/or Cover Letter.

Interviewing Skills

Attention Graduates! Courses will end sooner than you know it, thus the Center for Student Success has brought in Career Services to help you with key skills that are useful in the interviewing process.

How to Apply to the College of Education

So many choices! The College of Education has many different programs and therefore many different regulations as to the application process. This session will give you the knowledge you need in order to prepare for the application process.

NMTA Basic Skills Test Prep Session

Be prepared. Know what to expect! In order for a student to apply to a licensure program within the College of Education, students must take the NMTA Basic Skills Test. The goal of this session is to help students understand what is on the exam and what to expect when taking the exam.

Current Hiring Trends in APS

What is APS looking for in an educator? Albuquerque Public Schools is the largest district that our College works with in terms of student placement and providing jobs for educators that come out of the College of Education at UNM. It is important for students to know what APS is looking for in an educator.

Tk20 Professional Portfolio Session

Don’t know the first thing about creating an electronic Career Portfolio? Go to the top of the stack of resumes with your electronic portfolio through Tk20. Learn the steps to create a portfolio and receive tips on what are the best sources of information to include to make YOU stand out and get the job.


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Brittany Padilla, Coordinator of Student Admissions
Center for Student Success
Travelstead Hall