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COE-GSLA Candidates

COE Graduate Students, please check your UNM email address for secure online election instructions. The Election will conclude Friday, September 16th at 5:00PM.

The ballot for the COE-GPSA 2016-2017 candidates for Departmental and At-Large Representatives consist of:

Language Literacy & Sociocultural Studies (LLSS) Representative 

  • Majed Abdullah S Alharbi
    • Majed Alharbi is a coffee-addicted, third-year doctoral student at the Department of Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies, UNM. His areas of interest coalesce around second language acquisition and L2 identity construction. More specifically, he is studying how cultural, linguistic, and social practices confluence to influence one’s writerly identity and voice.   
  • Write-in candidate

Educational Specialties (ES) Representative   

  • Write In Candidate         

Individual, Family, & Community Education (IFCE) Representative 

  • Write In Candidate

Health, Exercise, Sports Sciences (HESS) Representative 

  • Write In Candidate


  • Tara Hackel
    • Tara is a Masters student in Educational Psychology and researches how gender and sexual identities influence students' motivation to learn. She is also a staff member at the UNM STEM Collaborative Center where student professional development is central to her work. Tara first became involved in the COE-GSLA when she applied for and was awarded funding from the COE-GSLA in Spring 2015. Last year, Tara served as Secretary of the COE-GSLA where she helped lead the organization through a name change, updates to the COE-GSLA graduate student funding process, and initiation of a monthly social event for COE graduate students. Tara has presented at three national conferences and was awarded funding from multiple sources for each trip. She hopes to carry knowledge of these processes as well as her commitment to COE student development forward into a new year of service with the COE-GSLA. Tara's goal for next term centers on creating how-to documents to better elucidate the COE-GSLA funding process for applicants.
  • Write In Candidate

Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy (TEELP) Representative 

  • Write In Candidate