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Educational Linguistics Faculty

Melissa Axelrod (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Professor, Linguistics, 505-277-6353

Research Interests: Native American languages, morphology, semantics, and language revitalization programs

Representative Courses Taught:

  • LING 322/522 Grammatical Analysis
  • LING 334/534 Language and Gender
  • LING 413/513 Linguistic Field Methods

Pisarn (Bee) Chamcharatsri (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

Assistant Professor, LLSS, 505-277-2345

Research Interests: Emotions, Second Language Writing, Composition Studies, Adult ESL Learners, Teacher Training, Identity Construction, Literacy, and World English’s

Representative Courses Taught:

  • LLSS 593 Identity Construction of Adult ESL Learners
  • LLSS 593 Pedagogy in Teaching Adult ESL Learners
  • ENGL 102 Comp II-Analysis & Argument

Paul Edmunds (University of New Mexico)

Research Assistant Professor, Speech & Hearing Sciences and Linguistics, 505-277-7539

Research Interests: Phonetics, prosody, speech intelligibility, language acquisition, language teaching, ESL program development and administration

Representative Courses Taught:

  • SHS 303 Phonetics
  • SHS 310 Anatomy & Physiology of Human Communication
  • SHS 330 Introduction to Communication Science

Cristyn Elder (Purdue University)

Assistant Professor, English – Rhetoric and Composition,  505-234-6229

Research Interests: writing program administration, composition and writing center theory and practice, working with multilingual writers, and writing across the curriculum.

Representative Courses Taught:

  • ENGL 240 Traditional Grammar
  • ENGL 534 Composition Theory
  • ENGL 419 Visual Rhetoric

Chris Holden (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Assistant Professor, UNM Honors College, 505-277-4306

Research Interests: Games and Learning, Place-Based Learning, Design-Based Research, Augmented Reality Mobile Games

Representative Courses Taught:

  • UHON 302 Games For Change
  • UHON 401 Local Games in ABQ

Carlos Lopez-Leiva (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Assistant Professor, LLSS, 505-277-7260

Research Interests: Social construction of culturally and linguistically diverse learners; dis/ability construction and positioning; social dimension of teaching, learning, and doing mathematics in different environments; critical pedagogy; identity development of Latinas/os and/or Hispanics as bilingual speakers and as doers of mathematics; mathematization processes; and practitioner and participatory action research.

Representative Courses Taught:

  • LLSS 458/558 Literacy Across Cultures
  • LLSS 479/579 The Teaching of Reading in the Bilingual Classroom (La Enseñanza de la Lectura).
  • LLSS 582 Curriculum Development in Multicultural Education
  • LLSS 583 Education Across Cultures of the Southwest
  • LLSS 593 Exploring 3rd Spaces

Holbrook Mahn (University of New Mexico)

Professor, LLSS, 505-277-5887

Research Interests: ESL literacy and language acquisition, TESOL, language teaching, Vygotsky

Representative Courses Taught:

  • LLSS 458/558 Literacy Across Cultures
  • LLSS 459/559 Second Language Literacy
  • LLSS 614 Vygotsky Seminar

Lois Meyer (University of California at Los Angeles)

Professor, LLSS,  505-277-7244

Research Interests: Bilingualism, second language acquisition, child language development, language policy and planning, curriculum development and program evaluation

Representative Courses Taught:

  • LLSS 456/556: 1st & 2nd Language Development in Cultural Contexts
  • LLSS 582: Curriculum Development for Multicultural Education
  • LLSS 593: Topics Seminar – Global English Issues
  • LLSS 593:  Discourse Analysis in Cultural Contexts

Jill Morford (University of Chicago)

Professor, Linguistics, 505-277-6353

Research Interests: Signed language acquisition & processing, bilingual and second language acquisition & processing, Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC), reading & deafness

Representative Courses Taught:

  • LING/PSYCH 560: Child Language
  • LING/PSYCH 566: Psychology of Bilingualism
  • LING/PSYCH 569: Experimental Psychology
  • LING/PSYCH 568: Psycholinguistics of Gesture & Signed Languages

Janet Patterson (University of New Mexico)

Associate Professor, Speech and Hearing Sciences, 505-277-4453

Research Interests: Speech language pathology, child language assessment, young bilingual children’s communication

Representative Courses Taught:

  • SHS 428/528, Phonological Disorders
  • SHS 431/536, Language Disorders in Children
  • SHS 533, Assessing Language in Children
  • SHS 534, Intervention: Child Language Disorders

Tryphenia B. Peele-Eady (Claremont Graduate University)

Associate Professor, LLSS, 505-277-5221

Research Interests: Qualitative and Ethnographic Research; Social, cultural, and linguistic contexts of teaching and learning practices; and Education of African American children and youth in school and non-school community settings.

Representative Courses Taught:

  • LLSS 502:  Introduction to Qualitative Research
  • LLSS 523:  Anthropology and Education
  • LLSS 553:  Education and African American Children
  • LLSS 593:  Discourse Analysis in Cultural Contexts
  • LLSS 605:  Advanced Qualitative Research
  • LLSS 623:  Ethnography

Barbara Rodriguez (University of Washington)

Associate Professor, Speech & Hearing Sciences, 505-277-9728

Research Interests: Bilingual language and literacy development, bilingual phonological development

Representative Courses Taught:

  • SHS 459 Multicultural Considerations in Communication
  • SHS 506 Reading/Writing in Speech and Hearing Sciences

Eva Rodríguez-González (University of Kansas)

Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese, 505-277-5907

Research Interests: Second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, bilingualism, foreign language pedagogy, classroom-based language learning, cognitive approaches to language acquisition.

Representative Courses Taught:

  • SPAN541 Recent Research on the Teaching of Spanish 
  • SPAN549 Language Learning Classroom Research 

Todd Ruecker (University of Texas at El Paso)

Assistant Professor, English Language and Literature, 505-277-6347

Research Interests: linguistic and cultural diversity of education worldwide, literacy instruction for immigrant students in rural high schools, retention and student success in writing classes, politics of assessment,

Representative Courses Taught:

  • English 420/520: Professional Writing in a Globalized World
  • English 640: The Sociopolitical Contexts of Writing Instruction
  • English 538: Composition Theory

Julia Scherba de Valenzuela (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Associate Professor, Special Education

Research Interests: bilingual special education, including (a) issues of equity and access for CLD students with disabilities; (b) the communication and language development of culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) individuals, especially those with complex support needs; (c) disproportionate representation; and (d) assessment of English language learners

Representative Courses Taught:

  • SPCD 511: Social Construction of Disability
  • SPCD 560: Introduction to Bilingual/Multicultural Special Education
  • LLSS 568: Alternative Assessment of English Language Learners

Barbara Shaffer (University of New Mexico)

Associate Professor, Linguistics, 505-277-6353

Research Interests: Signed language linguistics, modality, grammatization, language acquisition, deaf education, and interpreting theory

Representative Courses Taught:

  • SIGN 411: Consecutive Interpretation
  • SIGN 412: Simultaneous Interpreting
  • SIGN 419: Practicum in Signed Language Interpreting

Christine Sims (University of California at Berkeley)

Associate Professor, LLSS, 505-277-3175

Research Interests: American Indian Language revitalization, American Indian language program planning, language policy, Keresan language

Representative Courses Taught:

  • LLSS 560: Education and Language in Southwest Native American Communities
  • LLSS 449: Teaching the Native Language
  • LLSS 568: Alternative Assessment Practices for English Language Learners

Caroline L. Smith (Yale University)

Associate Professor, Linguistics, 505-277-6353

Research Interests: Laboratory phonology, prosody, phonetics, and speech production.

Representative Courses Taught:

  • LING 303: Introduction to Phonetics
  • LING 304/504: Phonological Analysis
  • LING 502: Generative Theories of Phonology
  • LING 503: Usage-Based Phonology
  • LING 490/590: Prosody and Discourse

Phyllis Perrin Wilcox (University of New Mexico)

Professor, Linguistics, 505-277-6353

Research Interests: Metaphor and metonymy in signed and spoken languages, American Sign Language, lexical semantics, signed language interpretation

Representative Courses Taught:

  • LING 590/490: Metaphor in Signed and Spoken Languages
  • SIGN 360: Introduction to Profession of Interpretation
  • SIGN 214: Lexical Semantics for Transliteration

Damián Vergara Wilson (University of New Mexico)

Assistant Professor, Spanish & Portuguese, 505-277-5907

Research Interests: historical linguistics, sociolinguistics and sociology of language and the use of these areas of study to support and inform the field of teaching of Spanish as a heritage language in the Southwest. Also research using usage-based theories of linguistic representation as accounting for language change and variation.

Representative Courses Taught:

  • SPAN 479 History of the Spanish Language
  • SPAN 541 Recent Research on the Teaching of Spanish
  • SPAN 547 Seminar in Southwest Spanish
  • SPAN 549 Seminar in the Language of Spain or Spanish America