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HESS Faculty and Staff

HESS Faculty

Athletic Training

  • Susan McGowen (Principle Lecturer)
  • Dice Shibata (Assistant Professor)
  • Kevin Schroeder (Lecturer III)
  • Sara Nottingham (Associate Professor)

Exercise Science



  • Ann Gibson (Associate Professor)
  • Leonard Kravitz (Associate Professor)
  • Christine Mermier (Associate Professor, Lab Director)
  • Fabiano Amorim (Assistant Professor)
  • Micah Zuhl (Assistant Professor)

Health Education Program

  • Magdalena Avila (Associate Professor)
  • Lorenda Belone (Assistant Professor)
  • Eli Duryea (Professor)
  • Christina Perry (Associate Professor)
  • Elba Saavedra (Lecturer III)

Physical Education Teacher Education

  • Glenn Hushman (Associate Professor)
  • Holly Kowalski (Lecturer III)
  • Karen Gaudreault (Assistant Professor)

Sport Administration

  • John Barnes (Associate Professor)
  • Joy Griffin (Associate Professor)
  • Alfredo Martinez (Assistant Professor)
  • Todd Seidler (Professor)
  • Luke Mao (Assistant Professor)
  • Allison Smith (Assistant Professor)

HESS Program Coordinators

Athletic Training

Dr. Susan McGowen

Exercise Science

Dr. Leonard Kravitz

Exercise Science (Graduate Programs)

Dr. Ann Gibson

Health Education

Dr. Magdalena Avila

Physical Education Teacher Education

Dr. Karen Gaudreault

Sports Administration

Todd Seidler

HESS Staff

Dwight Zier
HESS Department Administrator
Johnson Center 1150B

Dwight oversees the daily administrative functions of the department office and supervises the staff. He assists with the development and management of the operating budget. He manages faculty, part-time instructor, graduate assistant, and teaching assistant contracts. He serves as department liaison to central offices of the college and university.

Margie Chavez
Coordinator, Education Support

Johnson Center 1150

Margie provides administrative support to the HESS Department and serves as the first contact for visitors to the main office. She provides administrative support to the HESS department and serves as the first contact person for the graduate programs from our programs.  She receives all inquiries from potential graduate students and provides administrative support to all current graduate students throughout their academic years in the MS or PhD programs.

Lorena Rodriguez Vazquez
Coordinator, Education Support
Johnson Center 1150

Jennifer Nieto
Program Coordinator: Exercise Physiology Lab 
Johnson Center, B143