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UNM Adapted Sports Festival

Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 9am-3pm at the Jewish Community Center.

Adapted Sports Festival logo

Welcome to the UNM Adapted Sports Festival website. The UNM Adapted Sports Festival's primary focus is to promote physical activity and sports for people with any disability, injury or illness; raise awareness of disability sports and physical activity in Bernallio County, and provide service-learning opportunities to students to learn how to create and adapt programs for people with disabilities. 

For more information please contact Dr. Cathy Tingstrom, phone (505) 277-8176, fax (505) 277-6227, or email

Registration for 2017 opens Monday, March 27th!

Participants and Volunteers may register online or in person. Online and downloadable/printable registration forms are available on the left of this page.

Wheelchair Basketball
Wheelchair Tennis

Are you interested in participating in SCUBA?

Step 1:

  • You will need to fill out the attached forms (SCUBA Diver Statement, Liability, Medical Statement, Participant Enrollment, and Photo Consent). The forms are required by the Dive Industry Insurers
  • The Medical Statement MUST BE ANSWERED with a "YES or NO" in the spaces provided. No check marks!  
  • If you answer a YES to anything you will be required to have your doctor sign off on the Medical Statement to participate in SCUBA
  • Where the form asks for "Instructor and Location" you can leave it blank and we will help fill it in when we meet

Step 2:

  • Email a copy of the Participant Enrollment Form back to or  SCAN the form or take a photo of it and send it ASAP.
  • Participant forms are used to select the gear and bring every thing you need for a fun SCUBA Intro!

Step 3:

  • Contact us with questions
  • Bring all your original forms to the clinic including the Participant Enrollment Form we asked you to email to us
  • Wear your swim suit to the clinic and remember to bring a towel and a bottle of water for after the dive

If you have a sinus infection or a cold the week before the SCUBA Clinic and you don't think you will be able to SCUBA, we can provide you with a Snorkel/Skin Diving experience.  Please contact me for additional instructions and snorkel form.

Please print out, sign, and bring the forms with you to the SCUBA Clinic.  Don't hesitate to call Shelley's cell 505-999-9550 with questions.