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Great Courses at the College of Education
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Please note that some courses may fill up or become unavailable faster than we can update this page. For the most current available for any course, be sure to check the course schedule at

Strategies for Prevention of Substance Use

HED 445, Section 001, CRN 61038
Instructor: Michelle Amaya Schmidt,

Examines basic principles for the development of effective strategies for substance use prevention programs for youth. Evidence of principles used in successful programs from research literature will be provided.

Antiracist Education

LLSS 393-01

LLSS 393, Section 001, CRN 54205
Also listed as CJ 393-006, CRN 54796
Instructor: Dr. Andrea Abeita,

This introductory course looks at the role that racism plays in society-at-large, with special emphasis on schools. It will look at the social, historical, and political context of race in the U.S. It will explore how race has been, and is currently, a driving force behind commonplace notions of society and education.

COUN 492 Workshops FALL 2017

The Counselor Education program is excited to offer the following counseling workshop courses in Fall 2017! Please help us get the word out about these exceptional course offerings, which may count towards undergraduate students’ upper-level social science coursework.

COUN 492 Intro to Helping Skills
Instructor: Melissa Henry

This course provides a broad overview of the knowledge and skills specific to work in the helping professions (e.g., professional Counseling). Students will be provided opportunities to learn brief theories of professional Counseling practice, as well as
some of their related communication skills and ‘ways of being’, interpreted and applied through a multicultural lens (Sue, Arredondo, & McDavis, 1992; Sue, 1998). In addition, students will be offered opportunities for practical application of specific communication skills throughout this course in student-triads/dyads. Finally, students will gain experience conceptualizing and presenting issues reported by diverse client- populations in ways that both align with professional ethics (ACA, 2014), as well as culturally-affirmative Counseling praxes.

In Person: MWF 12:00pm-12:50; CRN: 52768

COUN 492 Intro to Human Services
Instructor: Alfredo Palacios
This course provides a broad overview of the Human Services field. Students will be exposed to the broader mission of the Human Services professions, as well as trace its development throughout history. Students will learn about relevant Human Service
vocations and will explore the field’s values, goals, ethical standards, and professional roles and responsibilities. Students will learn to conceptualize course content through a multicultural lens, thereby providing students the opportunity to model the skills necessary for careers in the Human Services field.

In Person: MWF 11:00am-11:50am; CRN: 59089

COUN 492 Group Dynamics
Instructor: Gene Crofts
For non-majors, Group Dynamics explores the various stages of groups, including pre- group assessment and screening of group members, group development, the initial stage, the transition stage, the working stage, and the ending stage of groups. Students will be introduced to different types of groups. Ethical and multicultural issues as they apply to groups are examined. This course incorporates experiential learning processes where students learn about group processes via group exercises in class. Each student will attend one group meeting of an ongoing secular group in the community.

Hybrid: MW 9:00am-10:30am; CRN:59090

Engaging Literacy through Latin American Testimonios of Struggle and Survival

Engaging Literacy through Latin American Testimonios of Struglle and Survival

EDUC/LLSS 593/ LTAM 500 / CCS 493
Instructor: Mia Sosa-Provencio,

This course is cross listed in Teacher Education, Language Literacy and Sociocultural Studies, Chicana Chicano Studies, and Latin American Studies. It presupposes interconnectedness between literacy and social justice. This course acts as a real time curriculum lab that integrates UG and GR students as well as Rio Grande high school youth for the collective design of culturally rooted curriculum which  cultivates youth’s multiple literacies through Testimonio, the Latin American narrative form born of resistance/resilience to structural oppression.  Testimonios unfold across Latin American and U.S. Chicana/o Latina/o literature, music, poetry, speeches, and visual and performative art created by those who have stood against governmental silencing and domination across race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, nationality, language/dialect, spirituality, and residency status.
ALL readings are all available for download online in Google drive
The course is taught off campus at Rio Grande High School on Tuesdays at 3: 30 pm and this semester will be taught as an 8 week course from 3:30-7 pm.

This course focuses on the sociocultural and political foundation of education in the United States. Designed to provide students with a means of reflecting on the nature of contemporary schooling.

Education and African American Children

LLSS 553

LLSS 553, Section 001, CRN 56090
Instructor: Dr. T. Peele-Eady,

This seminar examines education through the lens of the African American experience. Specifically, discussions will probe the social, historical, philosophical, political, and legal aspects of education in the context of African American culture, language, community, and institutional life.

Advanced Qualitative Research

LLSS 605

LLSS 605, section 003, CRN 58474
Instructor: Dr. T. Peele-Eady,

PREREQUISITE: LLSS 502 (Introduction to Qualitative Research)

Special Approval Required

Are these PE courses?

Yes they are! They're a great way to balance out your academic work with some fun and they count toward your GPA and credit hours.


8-Week Courses. REGISTER TODAY! Courses may be full closer to the start date.

PENP 115.  Intermediate Weight Training
Instruction in advanced weight-lifting principles and techniques as well as fitness related topics. Fitness Test Fee.

PENP 122. Intermediate Belly Dance
Instruction on the isolation and slow movements of Middle Eastern dance, including use of the veil and improvisation.

PENP 129. Intermediate Country Western Dance
Instruction dependent upon experience of students in basic movements of all segments of Country Western Dance.

PENP 130-131. Tai Chi Ch’uan
Instruction and practice in techniques to enhance body awareness, reduces stress, improve balance and increase strength.


PENP 138 / 139. Karate
Instruction in the basic skills, blocks, strikes, and kicks of Japanese karate.

PENP 154. Intermediate Racquetball
Instruction dependent upon experience and skills of students in basic fundamentals. Perfection of all strokes and strategies used in the game of racquetball.

PENP 155-156. Pilates
Instruction in movements that increase balance, core fitness and cardiorespiratory endurance.

PENP 159. Aerobic Dance II
Instruction in a longer aerobic workout using more advanced dance steps for improved cardiorespiratory endurance. Fitness Test Fee.

PENP 161-162. Jogging Fitness
Individualized running programs for improved cardiorespiratory endurance. Fitness Test Fee.

PENP 165. Yoga
Introduction to five areas of yoga which are particularly significant to the Western World.