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Spring 2019 courses to complete your schedule

All courses listed on this page have open seats as of January 4, 2019.

Please note that some courses may fill up or become unavailable faster than we can update this page. For the most current available for any course, be sure to check the course schedule at

Department of Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences
HED 164LStandard First Aid
HED 362Introduction to Health Behavior Theory

Thriving with Homeopathy

A Practical Guide for the Whole Family, Nurses and Beyond
CRN: 41162 – HED 493 001

Homeopathy, its philosophy, and practical application. Next, to the main subject homeopathy, the student also will be introduced to the interrelationship between the Mind, Body, and Soul with their intricate communication channels and unlimited potentialities. 

Integrated Health Coaching (New Online Course)

A Practical Guide To Living Wellness
CRN: 48676 – HED 493 002

Further develop skills in the wellness niche with an understanding of the principles and concepts of Integrated Health Coaching. 

HED 507Research Design in HPER
PEP 251Physical Education Skills and Content Knowledge II
PEP 287Evaluation of Athletic Injuries-Trunk/Torso
PEP 293Exercise Science
PEP 375Pharmacology in Athletic Training
PEP 410Assessment in Physical Education
PEP 430Classroom/Behavior Management in Physical Education
PEP 473Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries
PEP 480/582Principles of Coaching
PEP 483Athletic Training Clinical III
PEP 490Topics in Athletic Training
PEP 509Media and Public Relations in HPER
PEP 589Sport Psychology II

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Department of Individual, Family, and Community Education
COUN 590Practicum in Counseling
COUN 620Seminar in Counseling
COUN 630Advanced Practicum in Counseling

Ever wonder how your brain is changing as you get older?

Then EDPY 303: Human Growth and Development is the course is for you! In this course, you will discover how you change cognitively, physically, emotionally, and socially over the course of your life time.

Curious about ways to measure learning or how feedback impacts the learner?

Check out EDPY 472: Classroom Assessment. This course teaches aspects of assessment theory and how it impacts the learning environment.

EDPY 565Vygotsky Seminar

FCS 103: Health Safety & Nutrition

This course provides information related to standards and practices that promote children’s physical and mental well being, sound nutritional practices, and maintenance of safe learning environments.

FCS 115: Guiding Young Children

This course explores theories of child guidance and practical applications. It provides developmentally appropriate methods for guiding children, effective strategies and suggestions for facilitating positive social interactions.

FCS 311Family, Language and Culture
FCS 321Young Children and Diverse Abilities
FCS 406Teaching and Learning Math and Science
FCS 417LTeaching and Learning Practicum
NUTR 593Culinary Medicine

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Department of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
LLSS 300Bilingual Teaching Methods, Materials and Techniques
LLSS 457Language, Culture, and Mathematics
LLSS 523Education and Anthropology
LLSS 527Studies in Rhetoric for Teachers
LLSS 550Books and Related Materials for Young Adults
LLSS 558Literacy Across Cultures
LLSS 564Issues in American Indian Education
LLSS 569ESL Across the Content Areas
LLSS 580Seminar in the Education of the Bilingual Student
LLSS 581Teaching English as a Second Language
LLSS 582Curriculum Development in Multicultural Education
LLSS 593Education Across Cultures in the Southwest

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Department of Special Education
SPCD 201Education of the Exceptional Person
SPCD 204Introduction to Special Education
SPCD 302Introduction to Communicative Disorders
SPCD 407Collaboration for Inclusive Education
SPCD 411Social Construction of Disabilities
SPCD 418Classroom Organization and Positive Behavioral Supports
SPCD 452Teaching Students with Intellectual Disability and Severe Disabilities
SPCD 460Introduction to Bilingual-Multicultural Special Education
SPCD 484Research and Teaching-Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorders
SPCD 520Introduction to Intellectual Disability
SPCD 584Research and Teaching-Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Department of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership and Policy
EDUC 101Introduction to Education
EDUC 401LCreating Effective K-8 Learning Environments I
EDUC 438Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Field
EDUC 652Teacher Education and Social Justice

Visionary Leadership for Learning

CRN: 47665 – LEAD 505 001

This course is designed to integrate holistic education and leadership concepts through spiritual, mental, physical, and social well-being. We will explore 16 wellness pillars of the CORN POLLEN Model and students will create their own holistic model which can be used for leadership, classroom curriculum, and lifelong learning. Tuesdays 4pm to 6:30pm

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Are these PE courses?

Yes they are! They're a great way to balance out your academic work with some fun and they count toward your GPA and credit hours.

Physical Education Non-Professional
PENP 115Inter Weight Training
PENP 122Intermediate Belly Dance
PENP 129Intermediate Country Western Dance
PENP 148Archery
PENP 162Jogging Fitness
PENP 178Stretch and Relax
PENP 188Modified Physical Education
PENP 193Topics: AbBlast
PENP 193Topics: CoreFit
PENP 193Topics: Mindful Meditation
PENP 193Topics: Zumba Fitness

PEP 493 001 Introduction to Sport Management

A survey of career opportunities in the broad field of sport. Potential jobs include working in the front office of professional sport teams, college athletics, high school sports and others.
T-Th 2:00pm - 3:15pm

PEP 493 004 Introduction to Sport Marketing

An examination of the application of marketing principles and processes to sport products such as teams and merchandise. Also, the marketing of non-sport products through association with sport.
MWF 1:00pm - 1:50pm

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