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Summer 2020 courses to complete your schedule

All courses listed on this page have open seats as of April 21, 2020.

Please note that some courses may fill up or become unavailable faster than we can update this page. For the most current available for any course, be sure to check the course schedule at

Department of Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences
HLED 2130Consumer Health
HLED 2210Education for AIDS Prevention
HED 306Conflict Mediation
HED 333Emot Hlth Interp Rel
HED 371Intro to Public and Cmty Hlth
HED 477Stress Management
PRPE 2150Motor Learning & Performance
PEP 326LFund of Exercise Physiology
PEP 547Sport Mkt & Promotion
PEP 548Financing Sport
PEP 590Sup PE Programs
PEP 593T: Data Literacy in PE
PEP 598Dir Read Phys Educ
PEP 698Dir Read Phys Educ

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Department of Individual, Family, and Community Education
COUN 510Professional Orientation
COUN 513Career Counseling
COUN 515Test and Assessment in Couns
COUN 517Theo Counseling & Human Behav
COUN 541Couns Children and Adolescents
COUN 560Family Counseling
COUN 577Substance Use and Abuse
COUN 581Sexuality in Counseling
FCS 610Appl Devl Science Families
EDPY 303Human Growth and Development
EDPY 310Learning and the Classroom
EDPY 503Principles Human Development
EDPY 598Directed Readings
FCST 1120Intro Family & Child Studies
FCST 2130Marriage & Fam Relationships
FCS 315Adolescent Dev in the Family
NUTR 1110Nutrition for Health
NUTR 2110Human Nutrition
NUTR 344Energy Nutrients Human Nutr
NUTR 497Reading & Research Honors I
NUTR 595Adv Fld Experiences

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Department of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
LLSS 443Childrens Literature
LLSS 449Teach Nat Lang to Nat Speakers
LLSS 457Language Culture & Math
LLSS 459Second Language Literacy
LLSS 482Teaching Engl as Sec Language
LLSS 493T: Curandero Traditional Med
LLSS 459-003Second Language Literacy
LLSS 482-002Teaching Engl as Sec Language
LLSS 453-004Theor & Cultr Found Bil Educ
LLSS 559-003Second Language Literacy
LLSS 580-004Sem: Educ Bilingual Student
LLSS 581-003Teaching Engl as Sec Language
LLSS 502Intro to Qualitative Research
LLSS 527Stdy in Rhet for Tchrs
LLSS 537Intl Lit for Young People
LLSS 539Cross Cltr Lit for Yng People
LLSS 557Language Culture & Math
LLSS 559Second Language Literacy
LLSS 581Teaching Engl as Sec Language
LLSS 593T: Curandero Traditional Med
LLSS 593T:Clsrm Drama Sup Read to Lit
LLSS 598Dir Reading
LLSS 698Dir Readings

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Department of Special Education
SPCD 319Classroom Org & Management
SPCD 420Intro Intellectual Disability
SPCD 459Tchg Bil-Mult Spc Ed
SPCD 501Educ of Except Persons
SPCD 507Collaboration for Inclusive Ed
SPCD 520Intro Intellectual Disability
SPCD 527Assessment for Diverse Learnrs
SPCD 534Soc Comp Sdet Resil
SPCD 559Tchg Bil-Mult Spc Ed
SPCD 561LEduc Diag Young Child Assess
SPCD 597Ethics in ABA

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Department of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership and Policy
EDUC 1120Intro to Education
EDUC 1996ST: Blkbrd for Instr: Fndmtl
EDUC 330LReading & Diversity I
EDUC 500Research Applications Educ
EDUC 502Advanced Instruct Strategies
EDUC 542Princip of Curriculum Develop
EDUC 550Issues in Secondary Education
EDUC 552Social Justice in Education
EDUC 597Direct Rdgs Sec Adult Tchr Ed
EDUC 598Directed Rdgs Elem Ed
EDUC 693T: Contexts of Teach & Learn
EDUC 698Dir Rdgs Elem-Sec Tchr Ed

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Are these PE courses?

Yes they are! They're a great way to balance out your academic work with some fun and they count toward your GPA and credit hours.

Physical Education Non-Professional
PHED 1410Yoga: Beginning Yoga
PHED 1420T: Stretch & Relax
PHED 1430Pilates
PHED 1440Tai Chi
PENP 157Cardio Kickboxing
PHED 1830T: Jogging Fitness
PHED 2996T: Corefit
PHED 2996T: Intro to Fitness
PHED 2996T: Tai Chi II

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