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Open Courses

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Fall 2019 courses to complete your schedule

All courses listed on this page have open seats as of August 5, 2019.

Please note that some courses may fill up or become unavailable faster than we can update this page. For the most current available for any course, be sure to check the course schedule at

Department of Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences
HED 321Violence Prevention
HED 446Hlth Promotion Prgrm Planning
HED 493T: Thriving with Homeopathy
HED 493T: Integrated Health Coaching
HED 493T: Being & Living Quantum Heal
HED 509Media & PR HPER
HED 571Advanced Community Health
HLED 1120First Aid & CPR AED
HLED 2130Consumer Health
HLED 2210Education for AIDS Prevention
HLED 2530Fundamentals Human Sexuality
HLED 2996T: Intro to Exercise Science
HLED 2996T: Phys Educ Skills & Content
PENP 111Military Fitness
PEP 319Physical Educ Elem School
PEP 373General Medical Conditions
PEP 374Therapeutic Modalities
PEP 430Classroom Behavior Mgmt in PE
PEP 444Teaching & Learning in PE
PEP 479Org and Admin of PE
PEP 481Athletic Training Clinical II
PEP 488Athletic Training Clinical IV
PEP 489Research in Athletic Training
PEP 493T: Intro to Sport Law
PEP 509Media & PR HPER
PEP 575Spt Facilities Plan & Const
PEP 593T: Prof Tennis Mang Ops
PEP 499LEmergent Response Athl Train
PRPE 2120Phys Educ Skills & Content I
PRPE 2170Teaching Fitness Concepts
PRPE 2175Professional Lab Experiences

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Department of Individual, Family, and Community Education
COUN 492W: Vet Iss in Coun
COUN 621Adv Theories Counsel
COUN 625CE Teaching
COUN 630Adv Pract Counseling
ECED 1110Child Growth Dev & Learning
ECED 1120Guiding Young Children
ECED 2240Infant Toddler Growth & Dev
EDPY 310Learning and the Classroom
FCS 610Appl Devl Science Families

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Department of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
LLSS 321School and Society
LLSS 432Teaching Social Studies
LLSS 443Childrens Literature
LLSS 459Second Language Literacy
LLSS 480Second Language Pedagogy
LLSS 528Stdies Read & Lit for Teachers
LLSS 548Literacy Leadership
LLSS 553Educ & African Amer Children
LLSS 555Language Study for Educators
LLSS 559Second Language Literacy
LLSS 570Science and Nat Amer Educ
LLSS 593T: Adult ESL Pedagogies
LLSS 593T: Testimonio
LLSS 623Ethnographic Research

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Department of Special Education
SPCD 201Educ of Except Persons
SPCD 302Intro Communicative Disorders
SPCD 311Disability & Film
SPCD 419Intro ABA
SPCD 503Instr & Curr Des Excpt Learner
SPCD 561LEduc Diag Young Child Assess
SPED 2110Intro Stu Exceptionalities

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Department of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership and Policy
EDUC 450Issues in Secondary Education
EDUC 513Process of Reflec & Inquiry
EDUC 590Seminar:Masters Seminar
EDUC 1120Intro to Education
EDUC 402LK-8 Learning Environments II
EDUC 403LK-8 Learning Environments III
MSET 365Tech Integra Effect Instruct
MSET 429Tchg of Sec Math
MSET 431Tchg of Sec Sci
MSET 530Seminar in Science Teaching
MSET 570Digital Game-Based Learning

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Are these PE courses?

Yes they are! They're a great way to balance out your academic work with some fun and they count toward your GPA and credit hours.

Physical Education Non-Professional
PHED 1110T: Beg C & W Dance
PHED 1110T: Ballroom Dance
PHED 1230T: Beginning Tennis
PHED 1290Team Sport: Soccer
PHED 1310Swim I: Beginning Swimming
PHED 1420T: Stretch & Relax
PHED 1430Pilates
PHED 1510Training: Weight Training
PHED 1830T: Jogging Fitness
PHED 1830T: Intro to Triathlon Training
PHED 1910T: Archery
PHED 2110T: Inter C & W Dance
PHED 2110T: Inter Belly Dane
PHED 2230T: Intermediate Tennis
PHED 2410Yoga II: Intermediate Yoga
PHED 2510Training II: Inter Weight Trng
PHED 2710T: Aikido
PHED 2996T: AbBlast
PHED 2996T: CoreFit
PHED 2996T: Mindful Meditation
PHED 2996T: Sleep Better
PHED 2996T: Beg Mixed Martial Arts

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