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Open Courses

Are you looking for a COE course to fit into your schedule? Need just a few more credits, but not sure what to take?

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Great Courses at the College of Education
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Please note that some courses may fill up or become unavailable faster than we can update this page. For the most current available for any course, be sure to check the course schedule at

Learning and the Classroom

EDPY 310
Instructor: Martin Jones, Ph.D.,

This course introduces basic principles of learning and their application to the classroom with particular emphasis on cognitive theories, motivation, and classroom management. Knowledge of the basic principles underlying cognition and instruction can provide you with an important framework for thinking about learning and instruction in classrooms and other potential learning environments. The class is online and lasts approximately 4 weeks.

The Sociocultural Context of Families

The Sociocultural Context of Families

FCS 484, CRN 26837
Instructor: Zia Hossain, Ph.D.,
Class meets MTWRF, 1-3 pm (summer: June 4-29, 2018)

Survey of family dynamics of ethnic minority families in the U.S.

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At Risk for School Failure and Disabilities

At Risk for School Failure and Disabilities

SPCD 402/502
Instructor: Loretta Serna, Ph.D.,
Class meets MTWRF, 2pm (summer session, 2018)

This course surveys a variety of issues and behaviors (e.g., homelessness, suicide) that place students at risk of school failure. Particularly vulnerable to these issues/behaviors are children with disabilities. School and community interventions will be addressed.

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Young Children and Diverse Abilities

Young Children and Diverse Abilities

FCS 321, CRN 27154
Instructor: Cathy Qi, Ph.D.,
Class meets MTWR, 3-5:30pm (summer, July 2-27 2018)

This course provides a specific focus on educational policies, programs, practices, and services appropriate for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and early primary children who exhibit delays and disabilities. Legal requirements of educating children with disabilities or other special needs will be discussed.

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Marriage and Family Relationships

Marriage and Family Relationships

FCS 213
Instructor: Ryan Kelly, Ph.D.,
Class meets MTWRF, 9-11am (summer session, July 2018)

Overview of significant research and theories in premarital, marital and family relationships.

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Are these PE courses?

Yes they are! They're a great way to balance out your academic work with some fun and they count toward your GPA and credit hours.


8-Week Courses. REGISTER TODAY! Courses may be full closer to the start date.

PENP 115.  Intermediate Weight Training
Instruction in advanced weight-lifting principles and techniques as well as fitness related topics. Fitness Test Fee.

PENP 122. Intermediate Belly Dance
Instruction on the isolation and slow movements of Middle Eastern dance, including use of the veil and improvisation.

PENP 129. Intermediate Country Western Dance
Instruction dependent upon experience of students in basic movements of all segments of Country Western Dance.

PENP 130-131. Tai Chi Ch’uan
Instruction and practice in techniques to enhance body awareness, reduces stress, improve balance and increase strength.


PENP 138 / 139. Karate
Instruction in the basic skills, blocks, strikes, and kicks of Japanese karate.

PENP 154. Intermediate Racquetball
Instruction dependent upon experience and skills of students in basic fundamentals. Perfection of all strokes and strategies used in the game of racquetball.

PENP 155-156. Pilates
Instruction in movements that increase balance, core fitness and cardiorespiratory endurance.

PENP 159. Aerobic Dance II
Instruction in a longer aerobic workout using more advanced dance steps for improved cardiorespiratory endurance. Fitness Test Fee.

PENP 161-162. Jogging Fitness
Individualized running programs for improved cardiorespiratory endurance. Fitness Test Fee.

PENP 165. Yoga
Introduction to five areas of yoga which are particularly significant to the Western World.